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Wednesday 11th October, 2017
We’re really excited to announce our latest pyramid scheme over here at TJ - Trouble Juice Records.
Trouble Juice Records won’t work exactly like a traditional record label, however the end goal is all the same - to get our favourite new music into your earholes.

We're also super stoked to announce Trouble Juice Records' inaugural release - a split single between Bad Bangs and Slim Pickins, two bands who have been very close within the Trouble Juice family since the beginning.

Side A of the single features Bad Bangs’ first official release, a garage-soul gem called 'Swimming', and on the b-side Slim Pickins offer up 'D7', a warped slice of jangle-pop and their first new music since last year's 'Anywhere' single.

The single will be released on a limited run of 7” records, handcut by the legends at Small Run vinyl and officially launched at Brunswick’s Record Paradise on the 21st of October.

Stay tuned xx

Record Paradise
15 Union St, Brunswick VIC 3056
4pm October 21

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