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Tigerlily - A Chat With
Dom Youdan
Words and interview by Francis Tait
Wednesday 6th December, 2017

Dom Youdan’s debut EP Tigerlily is a collection of five mature pop songs that flirt with an array of different genres and influences without losing sight of their sweet singer-songwriter heart. We had a chat with the Londoner, now living in Sydney, about his new music and new home.

Hey Dom, how are you going? For those yet to hear your stuff, tell us a bit about yourself.

I always find the “tell us about yourself” question a nightmare to answer but here goes… I’m basically a clash of genres. A singer-songwriter who loves a synth, a folk artist who can’t get enough of a good drop. And a musician who didn’t realise he wanted to be a musician until it was almost too late.

Your EP Tigerlily has just dropped. How’s the reception been so far?

Great... I think / hope / pray. I just got added to New Music Friday on Spotify, I was premiered on triple J, and I’ve received some lovely words from sites I respect and follow avidly. People seem to be vibing the sound.

Since debuting your first single in July, things seem to be moving pretty fast. How’ve you found the recent burst of attention?

It’s a pretty rad feeling just having the EP out there for people to listen to and hopefully connect with. The record is pretty personal to me, so hearing people resonate with the tracks and the sentiment is a blast. Signing a record deal in the UK was a bit mad, but it’s also what you’re trying to work towards - so I was pretty pumped.

You’ve just had a show with another artist we’ve recently spoken to, Bec Sandridge, who you also worked with on your first single off the EP, ‘Don’t Love Me’. Tell us a bit about that relationship.

She’s an incredible artist and it has been pretty inspiring working with her. We actually go way back. Bec’s really good friends with my partner Emily. When we first met I had no idea how talented she was; this is when I was living in the UK. Then I saw her play live and I was like, ‘holy shit!’
For ‘Don’t Love Me’ the song looks at love and it’s insecurities from both sides. To do it justice, I wanted Bec to write the second verse and approach it from another perspective. I think it helps make the song feel all the more relevant.

You’re originally from London, but now pretty firmly based in Sydney. How do you find the Australian music scene?

It’s incredible. Honestly there is so much talent here - it’s crazy.
I still love listening to new music from the UK, but these days a lot of my inspiration comes from Australia. I think the scene is so strong across a bunch of genres. And then you have triple j acting as this incredible music conduit. I feel very lucky to be here.

You’ve just dropped a stunning new clip for the track ‘Tigerlily’. How’d that come about and what were you looking to capture?

The song is about moving to Australia and following my heart. So when it came to the video, we wanted to make something that felt like a journey, but still laid love bare. That led us to this ethereal, dreamlike style, which we shot in the Blue Mountains. The two directors (Buchanan and Shepherd) did an incredible job in not only complimenting the song, but adding something extra to it.

What’s coming up next?

I’m playing a couple of intimate shows in December, which I can’t wait for (Sofar Sounds). Then I’m writing with a couple of guys in December and hopefully releasing another song early next year. And when I’m not doing music, I’ll be glued to the TV watching England lose at the Ashes…sob.

Have a listen to the Tigerlily EP in full and check out the new clip for 'Tigerlily' above.