Speed Dating
Thursday 17th May, 2018
Speed dating this week with Lew from garage-pop duo Sophisticated Dingo ahead of their ‘Yuppies’ single launch tonight at the Gasometer, surrealist artist Ahl Worthington, and punk singer/songwriter Phil Wolfendale, ahead of the Melbourne leg of his Dropkick EP tour tomorrow night at Bar Open.

Sophisticated Dingo

Where do we know you from?
My Dinner With Andre.
Scene 3: We were cutting our teeth in the biz with some high profile extras work. My cousin knew a guy who pulled a few strings.

What do you do with yourself?
We play in this band Sophisticated Dingo and constantly remind people that is what we do. Aside from that Jimmy deals with yuppies pestering him all day at the cafe and I trawl through job applications and Gumtree looking to find my place in the workforce and relatively stable and inexpensive second hand kettles.

Any Netflix recommendations?
Lock Up. Breaking down the American prison systems with real stories from real inmates designed to be inoffensive and palatable for any idiot like myself looking to kill half an hour here or there.

Dream nutri-bullet combo?
Fermented yak milk with chia and raw parmesan. +50c for malt.

Have you seen Sophia, that super advanced AI robot from Hong Kong? What do you think about that?
Indeed we have. I'm not quite sure that it is the right decision to give a machine a passport, but come talk to me when it faces a mildly challenging day and writes a garage-pop song reflection about it. Then we have a problem.

Got any good life-hacks?
Put the milk on your cereal before you go to bed on Sunday night so you can wake up on Monday morning and hate yourself even more than usual.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Two parts hangover, one part self loathing and three parts instagrammable brunch #yaass. Plus ready for bed with enough time to add milk to cereal in preparation for the following morning.

Ahl Worthington

Where do we know you from?
You probably don't to be honest. I think if you know me personally there's a good chance you don't know my work and vice versa. There's a handful of people that know that I'm me... the streets, the internet, your housemate's bed.

What do you do with yourself?
I spend a lot of time performing thought experiments and recording the data in the form of paintings. I also do tattoos because it just makes sense.

Childhood cartoon crush?
Bugs Bunny in drag.

Are you superstitious?
When you find a frog under your bed, it's time to pack up your things and go.

Worst injury?
When I was 6, my older brother and I were up on the mountain on my grandparents farm in South Africa. As we were coming back down I triggered a landslide and my leg was basically amputated by a boulder. I spent the next 6 months racing around the country battling gangrene, looking for a doctor who could reattach the leg. It took another 6 months to learn how to walk again. I have a bit of a limp but can skate and jump over fences so cheers doc. This event and the events surrounding it have played an important role in my work, but more on that later.

Only when I need em.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
I wake up on an old wooden ship, all the passengers are starving to death. Through the warm, damp fog I spot another ship, it looks like it's sinking. Looking for supplies, I approach the second ship in a rowboat. As I get closer the fog clears and I see that there is a rope leading from the ship to an anchor half buried on dry land. Next to the anchor there is a decapitated horse, its face rotting to exposed skull, I can hear the buzzing flies and smell the decay. I turn to look at the ship and see that it has been painted with large white letters saying "STAY AWAY". The fog has surrounded me again and I can see no sign of my ship, I have no choice but to board the sinking ship.

Phil Wolfendale

Where do we know you from?
Tall lanky singer/songwriter/procrastinator in Melbourne with a slight alcohol problem. Probably seen me singing along at a gig with a bev in my hand.

What do you do with yourself?
I enjoy cheap beer/wine, Mexican food, patting other people's dogs, smoking too many ciggies, eating olives straight out of the jar, quoting Kevin Smith movies, playing music anywhere and everywhere someone will let me, and writing songs relatable to anyone going through something they wish they didn't have to.

Best album you’ve heard this year?
Idiot Proverbs by Tiny Little Houses.

Are you any good at sports?
I used to be pretty good at soccer and footy when I was a kid, then I found punk music and booze and that all went south pretty quickly hahaha.

What’s your dream day job?
Being a successful musician who plays a show every day in a different place, gets to meet cool new people and hear their stories/make new friends, and actually makes enough money to not have to work in a call centre for a day job.

How important is grammar?
Depends on the situation tbh
I’m a flat out bogan so I love me some slang and a top tier meme, but if you’re trying to have a serious conversation or make an argument it’s probably important that you know how to construct a sentence haha.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Late brunch at my local cafe, head out to an afternoon gig to check out some live music and sink a few frothies, then head to my usual drinking hole The Rev in Footscray with a few mates for vegan tacos and more bevs.