Speed Dating
Friday 25th May, 2018
Speed dating this week with Sydney garage crew Crocodylus, ahead of the Melbourne leg of their ‘My Love’ tour, local riot grrrls Jungle Cuffs and Mickey Cooper from lo-fi indie rockers RAT!hammock.


Where do we know you from?
Hey I’m Mikel, you may have seen me hanging around the back of a stage, covered in sweat and beating drums with my friends in our crocodile band.

What do you do with yourself?
Nothing terribly interesting, work five days a week, eat some food here, laugh at my own jokes there. Listening to music through it all.

How early in the film do you start to feel sorry for the Grinch?
Too early.

Got any life hacks?
Never been in a position to eat sandwiches at work til now at the tender age of 21, so I’m still working it out... Get cured meats when they're on the reduced shelf at the shops, you can get the best stuff for crazy prices! Just gotta eat it quick I guess - work sandwiches have doubled in quality and lowered in price, big win. 

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve got on your resume?
Probably that I can speak Spanish, in an English speaking country this seems pretty redundant hahah. I think I just put it on when I was 17 and it’s never left. These days I just keep it there for old time sake, you never know! 

Sometimes when I’m writing these questions I get worried that too many of them start with words beginning with W. Any advice?
Word the question backwards! Yoda speak!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Only get to play music outside of gigs like once a week and it’s usually Sundays, so I guess it would be playing music! Sometimes I’ll throw that all out the window and just sleep all day though.