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Raised as Wolves - Speech Therapy
Words by Jordan Lane
Wednesday 10th October, 2018

We’re stoked to be premiering the latest offering from Raised as Wolves, a two-track single that shows off a knack for changing things up and proves the NSW melodic punk three-piece are only going to get bigger.
Raised as Wolves’ most recent release was just last year, but a lot has happened since then. They’ve made an appearance at Yours and Owls, they’ve caught the attention of plenty of new fans, and, somewhere along the line, they’ve put together a couple of catchy-as anything new tracks. Speech Therapy shows off two very different ways of stringing together romance and grit.

The titular song is the heavier of the two, coming in with a riff that sets the tone for the power-pop to come. There are the right amount of moments where the guitar and vocals stand alone, holding your attention, before the thumping drums and noisy bass come back in and take things up a notch. You’ll already be singing along by the second chorus, with a wicked grin on your face and a foot tapping to the hooks, at the very least.

‘Block My View’ is a stripped-back love song with a more touching feel to it. Singer and guitarist Brad took this one on alone and the result is a melodious tug at the heartstrings, with only the slightest amount of punk sentiment showing through in the lyrics. The vocals are the focus above a fittingly modest and reflective tune. Brad’s voice betrays emotion, delivering a guttingly genuine collection of lines over the top of his quiet electric guitar, and stirring up thoughts of significant others and exes.

We had a chat with Raised as Wolves ahead of their upcoming launch shows in NSW and Melbourne, to hear their side of the story and how the songs came together.
Speech Therapy

Wrote the intro riff to this song while at work making coffee, had to keep singing it in my head for the last couple hours of the shift to remember it. This is also the first of a bunch of songs we wrote when I started playing Telecasters, and it really reflects in the tones and the structure. Lyrically, this one is about having someone that you lean on emotionally; they're your rock and sometimes you take that for granted. It's pretty easy to get complacent with things when you have someone really solid looking out for you like that, but you gotta keep your head screwed on and look out for them back.

Block My View

This one started as a way to break up the set from all loud stuff. I read that Ball Park Music wrote a song specifically to break up the dynamics of an album, so that's what inspired this one. We wanted to make this a full band song, but it never really worked so we just kept it like this and I'm happy how it came out.

Check out Speech Therapy above, and catch Raised by Wolves next month in Melbourne and Sydney as they launch the new release.