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Video Premiere:
Grand Pine - Feel Alone
Words and interview by James Lynch
Thursday 21st February, 2019
Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the brand new clip from local indie-rock group Grand Pine - on ‘Feel Alone’, the band serve up another dose of expansive folk-rock, and the new clip elevates the track’s immersive sounds into a surreal visual trip.
Formed in the suburbs of Melbourne by singer-songwriter Guy Perkins, Grand Pine are a local five-piece who specialise in shimmering folk-pop that somehow feels both grandiose and intimate at once, clearly highlighted by their latest single ‘Feel Alone’. Sounding overwhelmingly immersive while maintaining a fragile undertone, the track is built around an intricately finger-picked acoustic guitar, and filled out with lush keys and bold guitar chords as Guy’s crystalline voice washes over the top. Speaking about the track, Guy explains “the song was written about letting go of the expectations and ideas in your head, and the dreams you once thought were in your grasp. It’s also a wake up call to the fact that if you want something in life you can’t sit around and expect it to come to you, you have to work for it through all self-doubt or you’ll always end up disappointed.” Despite the band’s precise musicianship and the track’s steady groove, this restlessness shines through with each meandering lead line, and by the final chorus it’s clear how expansive the song really is with each added harmony and burning guitar.

Out today is the new clip for ‘Feel Alone’, which plays as a stunning visual representation of the track. Set within the muted hues of the Australian desert, the clip echoes the track’s captivating quality, feeling almost psychedelic at times, as the clip’s protagonist struggles to survive in the unnatural landscape. According to Guy “the video is a metaphor for being attracted to the shiny things in life until those shiny things become the weights that hold you down. It’s about trying to run from these inner demons and problems only to end up back where you started. Pretty dark and morbid stuff hahaha.”

Check out the new clip for 'Feel Alone' above, and follow Grand Pine on Facebook to keep up with all that's still to come.
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Clip created by Tom Dunphy and featuring Ebony De Lima