Speed Dating
Speed Dating:
The Cable Ties Ball Pt. 2
Saturday 23nd February, 2019

The Cable Ties Ball is happening tonight at the Corner Hotel, but before everyone gets all glammed up and subsequently moves out of our league, we managed to squeeze in a quick date. In Part 2, we chat with warped electronic duo friendships, stadium RSL rockers Porpoise Spit, frantic post-punk crew Wax Chattels and the team keeping the party rolling in the gaps, Paul Gorrie and Sullivan.


Where do we know you from?
I've known you my whole life. We've had some really funny times. I remember when you were really into god and I was ripping hong kongs behind the art shed. I remember that one time you were yelling out to me, I looked out my window and you were singing that song "hello god, I'm here, I'm ready.” I was like "what the eff is that song, it's pretty cool, I think I know it.” Then you burst into like 12 versions of yourself and you sang it like a choir - "Send an angel to lift me out, oh god I'm ready.”
That's how I remember you. That's where I know you from.

Weigh in on baths.
Baths. Fantastic, I love baths. I love putting my head under, living underwater for a little while. Seeing my friends who live underwater. Underwater friends. Remember that time we went down the plug hole? God, what a hoot that was. Sometimes, I go down the plughole and expect you to be there. It's so dark. I can't see your hand. Something to grab on to. To pull myself out.
Baths are fantastic.

When was the last time you impressed yourself?
This is a great story, I'm glad you asked. I was home. I went to wash my hands in the sink. I wasn't really paying attention. I went to turn the tap on, but my hands were taps. Tap hands. Working taps, with water and all! It was really confusing at first, then I thought “if I can change my hands into taps... what else can I do?”
That was a really great day.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
There is this beautiful little spot called 'the edge'. Sometimes I go down there on a good day. It's quite far sSouth. I've actually never been further South. Sometimes, I go out there, pull up a nice spot and watch the sun shine. On a really good day, you can catch videos of demons rooting. I've seen it. Videos of demons rooting playing from tiny screens. It's absolutely breathtaking. Sometimes the screens link together and form a 3D demon! This demon doesn't root. It just walks around a little confused. Sometimes it looks at its muscles. Sometimes it flexes. That usually brings a smile to the demons face.
Perfect Sunday!

Porpoise Spit

Where do we know you from?
We are serial pests on Clive Palmer's twitter feed & can be seen in the beer garden at the Old Bar.

Got any life hacks?
NEVER trust Ivy when she says she's 5 minutes away.

Thoughts on getting deep?
Get Deep or Go Dome. Just like we always say!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Watching Lindsey Lohan reality T.V at Elle's house.

Wax Chattels

Where do we know you from?
You may remember us from such events such as BigSound Festival, The Grace Darling Basement or King St Crawl.

Best $10 you’ve ever spent?
10 x $1 7/11 coffees.

If Wax Chattels had a theme song, what would it be?
‘Sabotage' by Beastie Boys.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Recovering from The Cable Ties Ball on the beach.

Paul Gorrie

Where do we know you from?
You know me from radio, local hip hop scene, and drummer for DRMNGNOW.

Sleeping in or getting up?

Oh depends on the day! But I strive to get up early.

What's something you said you didn't do but you totally did?

I said I wouldn’t eat sugar but I’ve eaten ice cream twice this year!

What’s your perfect Sunday?

Having breakfast, coming home, chucking on my favourite records, and then writing some music, and then cooking a curry for dinner.


Where do we know you from?
Brisbane maybe! I played in bands in the 2000's, I Heart Hiroshima being the main one, and did a bunch of session work with other artists like Robert Forster, Philadelphia Grand Jury and some others!

What are your general opinions on astrology?
I'd say I am light to moderately interested in astrology and peep Co-Star every once in a while. I am a Gemini and tbqh I do relate to a lot of the standard traits of my sign.

How late is too late to cancel plans?
Depends on the ratio of distance traveled/importance/indispensability of the plans. But generally anything less than two hours notice is pretty lame.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Coffee + pastry + dog hang + Cibi lunch + afternoon drink in the sunshine + footy training (love u Gouge). Deep normy vibes here.

The Cable Ties Ball is on tonight at the Corner Hotel from 6:30pm until 3am. Tickets are available online or from the door at the event.

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