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Eugénie - Little Bit in Love
Words by Francis Tait
Monday 27th May, 2019

‘Little Bit in Love’, the debut single from French-Australian dream pop mastermind Eugénie is a hypnotising, life-affirming slowburner that you’ll have fallen a lot in love with once it’s finished wrapping itself around your heart.
‘Little Bit in Love’, the first taste of Eugénie’s forthcoming 2019 debut EP Arrhythmia is a beautifully executed slice of glistening pop songwriting about “mortality and falling in love with strangers”, that’ll have you completely blissing out and forgetting all about the shitty events that have preceded it's release this week.

Starting things off with a woozy keyboard and the gradual introduction of Eugénie’s soft, inviting vocal melody, ‘Little Bit in Love’ warms up with no urgency at all, before aiming straight for your heart with a masterclass in delicate, “more-is-less” arranging. By the song’s two minute mark, you’ll feel it stimulating the same part of your brain that a warm hug or cup of peppermint tea does as additional vocal parts and a wave of synth builds and spirals and Eugénie’s vocal lures you deeper and deeper into the track.

On the making of ‘Little Bit in Love’, Eugénie describes it as relaying “the heartache that comes with leaving and returning, and never really feeling at peace in one place. It’s a song that reminds us that life is short & we don't have to be fine all the time.”

With very little else out these about Eugénie, “Little Bit in Love” has us all sort of interested in what else we’ll be hearing from her in the coming few months and holding out for that aforementioned debut EP through Wigwam records.

Have a listen to 'Little Bit In Love' above, and keep an eye on what Eugénie's up to by following her on instagram.