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Wilding -
Speed King of the Commonwealth
Words by Francis Tait
Friday 7th June, 2019
Written as an ode to “the joy of riding a mobility scooter with wilful abandon”, guitar-pop specialist Wilding’s latest effort ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’ is a pocket-sized pop-rock belter that’ll be double parking itself in your head for the rest of the weekend.
Back with his first new track since releasing 2015’s Molecules to Moons, Wilding gets straight back into it like a bull (or mobility scooter, I guess) at a gate. ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’ wastes no time getting started, hitting you with a wave of surf rock guitars, fevered drums and an infectious vocal melody. The following two minutes are a wild ride, as Wilding rollercoasters between hypnotising builds, thrilling guitar lines and a catchy-as-hell chorus that does pretty well to encapsulate what I can only imagine is a pretty exhilarating hobby.

As ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’ quickly and quite appropriately accelerates across the line at just under two and a half minutes, we found ourselves promptly 3-point turning our way back to the start of the track and doing it all again.

As Wilding prepares for the release of his third album The Death of Foley’s Mall, he assures us “one day we will all be mobility scooters. A mobile appendage to our decaying bodies, chasing a flicker of recognition in a world of indifference”, and to be honest, he doesn’t make it sound too bad at all.

Get onboard 'Speed King of the Commonwealth' above, and head to Wilding's Facebook page to find out where you can catch him next.