Speed Dating
BIGSOUND Speed Dating:
ZĀN, Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks and
Fan Girl
Thursday 5th September, 2019
Ahead of our third night at Bigsound, we got our schmooze on with a few of the acts you’ll be hearing in Fortitude Valley tonight.

In Part 2, we get ZĀN’s sad movie recommendations, Jack Davies suggests us a new web browser and we talk time travel with Fan Girl.


Where do we know you from? 
You might know me from my track 'Salafi Secrets'. Or from my EP I released last year Gulnaz, which was basically about the journey of reconciling different parts of your identity - for me, that’s being queer Pakistani and Muslim. Or from 'Assemble' with Feels. Or you might just know me from living in Perth - it’s a small place!

What do you do with yourself?
I try to find some kind of meaning along the journey, and try not to take myself too seriously. I recently left Perth and moved to LA, so I am out in LA this year making music and working at a gay bar, which funnily enough has an Islamic name.

What movie makes you cry?
So many. Dil Se. Chandni Bar. Moonlight

Do you suffer from road rage?
I don’t think so. Closest thing is, I struggle with finding how to channel my anger and frustrations with the world in a way that keeps a dialogue open rather than closed. 

Keeping the stick in the burger while you eat it?
Naaaa. Bamboo in forests, not in burgers.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
I try not to frame things as perfect - but having a day to live in the moment and just... breathe.

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The Flying Cock, Thursday 5th September, 8:00pm

Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks

Where do we know you from?
I meet a lot of people at the grocery store, it's a very social place.

What do you do with yourself?
Eat a lot of toast, buy a lot of bread, write a lot of songs about eating.

Favourite vegetable?
I have a soft spot for potato mash, oh the joy.

Which internet browser should I be using? Oh and do you cover your webcam?
Ecosia, my dad introduced me to that one... they plant trees! And nah, I like to live dangerously.

What is the biggest sound you've ever heard?
'Great Gig In The Sky' by Pink Floyd... Or maybe just my dad eating a sandwich.

What's your perfect Sunday?
I usually busk on Sundays, so I guess good weather, good pay and bumping into some friends after, maybe going for a feed. Bliss!

Fan Girl

Where do we know you from? 
You’ve probably seen us at Shujinko Ramen at 3AM, or maybe from one of the 20 other bands we are in. Sorry about that.

What do you do with yourself?
We all have Arts degrees, and by default, pour beers for a living. We also make music. Lots of music. Sorry about that.

What movie makes you cry?
Click. Adam Sandler’s masterpiece.

Tell us the story behind your first email address.
We are very new to the internet, so our first email address was collectively hello@fangirl.com.au - send us an electronic mail message!

I joined a group on Facebook about Time Travel and today someone posted ‘Yes, it is possible.’ Convinced?
I’m pretty sure Mark Kozelek addresses this very question in this here song. Jam it.

What’s your perfect Sunday? 
Yesterday (Sunday lol) was pretty perfect. We somehow found ourselves in Byron Bay, had a surf, became very sunburnt, did a brewery tour, watched some whales and ate some Mexican food. We now have no money. Hello Brisbane!

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The Outpost, Thursday 5th September, 8:50pm