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Buried Feather - Cloudberry Dreamshake
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 10th September, 2019
We’re stoked to be premiering the new album from local psych-lords Buried Feather – on Cloudberry Dreamshake, the band cool their turbulent psychedelia down a notch, to create something that is both hypnotic and illusively volatile.
Following on from a packed 2018, which saw the psych-rockers make their way to Europe for the first time and reissue their debut album, Buried Feather have spent the first half of 2019 gearing up towards the release of their long anticipated third album. Out officially later this week, Cloudberry Dreamshake takes what made 2017’s Mind of the Swarm so captivating, yet mixes those hard-hitting moments in the cosmic blender with something a little more kaleidoscopic, to showcase a whole new side of the band.

Kicking off with ‘Melt Together’, the shift is instantly noticeable as the band marry their signature heavy psych riffs with some warm 60s jangles and malleable grooves, creating something both colourful and vicious at once. If the opening track doesn’t have you sold that the record is to draw “on a love of late 60s British psychedelia”, we’re completely convinced by ‘London Feels’, which leans into the sound with a Byrds-equse guitar lead, as organs hum, tambourines rattle and frontman Steve McLennan’s voice warbles and flutters.

It can’t be a Buried Feather record without some explosive moments, and naturally, ‘Cult Of Boogs’ follows up with a blast of fuzzy guitars, walking basslines and ear-worming hooks, a mood that’s later recreated on the pulsing and enigmatic ‘Lightning Hands’. Despite opening with a rattling acoustic guitar, ‘Nuclear Suzi’ follows suit with its boogie-woogie swagger, before it bursts into some dense wah-pedal riffage.

Moments later, ‘Morphine Bride’ calms the mood with some woozy keys and a languid backbeat, yet eventually drifts back into the dreamscape as otherworldly synths warp and guitars burn, setting up the band to jet towards the finish line with some of their most captivating grooves yet - ’Dreamshake’ is dynamic and volatile, and ‘Nothing’s Real’ flirts between a savage stomp and transcendent shimmer. Finally, Cloudberry Dreamshake wraps up with the hazy ‘Cloudberry Jam’, which just as the name suggests, drifts into a gloriously ethereal jam that sees Buried Feather float away into a mesmerisingly radiant swirl of sound.

Get lost in Cloudberry Dreamshake above, and catch Buried Feather launching the new album on October 19th at the Gasometer, with Mesa Cosa, Turtle Skull and Brown Spirits.