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Kosmetika - Kraftneau
Words by Francis Tait
Friday 27th September, 2019
Having spent the last year with their name printed on a different gig poster every week, synthy psych-pop quintet Kosmetika have finally quenched our thirst for a follow up to their debut single ‘Ya Uedu’, with the mesmerising garage-synth burner ‘Kraftneau’.
After moving to Melbourne last year from Auckland (and Khabarovsk, Russia before that), Kosmetika have been taking the local music scene by storm with their off-kilter brand of psychedelic garage-pop. And now, with the announcement today that their debut album Pop Soap is rapidly incoming, we’re all kinds of excited to be helping send Kosmtika’s second single ‘Kraftneau’ into the world.

Following on from the upbeat veselyy-rock of debut single ‘Ya Uedu’, Kosmetika’s next effort has the band taking a darker turn. Kicking things off with a grinding single note bassline and a relentless motorik groove, the track instantly hooks us in with its krautrock-inspired intensity. Moments later, Veeka’s hypnotising, semi-spoken vocals emerge from a sea of interweaving guitar and synth lines and we’re immersed even further - so much so that by the time the track rounds out at four and half minutes, it feels like it’s only been half that. Speaking about how ‘Kraftneau’ came together, the band explain “we kept layering more sounds over the initial recording until we felt we had a song. The lyrics were written in Melbourne, mostly by Veeka with a few ideas from Mikey.”

With debut album Pop Soap less than three weeks away now, ‘Kraftneau’ has absolutely kicked our anticipation levels up another gear.

Get lost in 'Kraftneau' above, and catch Kosmetika launching their debut album Pop Soap on Friday, November 1st, at the Grace Darling.