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Go Get Mum - Moving Day
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 10th October, 2019
Today we’re thrilled to be premiering the new single from local favourites Go Get Mum - ‘Moving Day’ is a blast of spirited jangle pop, that brims with the earnest charm that has made them one of Melbourne’s most endearing bands.
Since forming in 2016, Go Get Mum have spent the last few years winning over Melbourne with their loveable take on indie-rock, impressing audiences with their uncanny knack for crafting instantly catchy tunes that ring with a wide-eyed earnestness that never feels disingenuous or sugary. Following on from the release of Cripers! late last year, Go Get Mum are back today with ‘Moving Day’, the first taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming second EP.

Bursting open into a wall of jangling guitar and restless bass, ‘Moving Day’ quickly picks up a propulsive drive, an atmosphere slightly at odds with Go Get Mum’s usual laidback disposition. That said, although the instrumental chugs away underneath, there’s plenty of headroom as co-vocalists Garry Westmore and Izzy Tolhurst share a dynamic melody with their unassuming voices, managing to sound as playful as they are wistful. By the time the chorus hits we’re struck by the infectiousness of the track, and despite the poignancy that flows from each thoughtful lyric, it’s hard to not get swept up by the joyous mood and sing along.

Speaking about the track, the band share “‘Moving Day’ is more about the process of letting go of a place than the logistics of actually moving house. It’s a celebration of all those stories and happenings from a house you’ve lived in for a number of years, stories too great in number, and too long to tell in just one song.”

Check out 'Moving Day' above, and catch Go Get Mum launching the new single on November 22nd at Globe Alley in Melbourne, and November 24th at The Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine.
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Header photo by Matthew Marasco