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Video Premiere:
Bones and Jones - Donna
Words by James Lynch
Monday 11th November, 2019
Today we’re thrilled to be premiering the brand new single and clip from coastal garage-rockers Bones and Jones - ‘Donna’ is a blast of gloriously catchy rock ’n’ roll and a thrilling taste of their forthcoming second album.
Built with a bed of warm guitar jangles while a sturdy rhythm section grooves along, ‘Donna’ quickly expands around Finn Chappell’s drawled vocals, as he weaves a playful melody that bursts with classic 60’s charm. Immediately heaving with snappy hooks, Bones and Jones don’t see the need to tease us any further, and after the inclusion of some tasteful horns and endearing backing vocals, they gun it straight into a stomping chorus. Refreshing and timeless at once, you’d be hard pressed to find a refrain more memorable than this - so much so that you can almost hear the gleam in the band’s eye as they sing along, knowing well that you’ll have it stuck in your head for the rest day.

Speaking about the track, the band share “the song was formed quite naturally as a group, Tom had the original idea and we all worked together to finish it off. We came up with the name just as a but of fun, then it ended up being pretty catchy, so we went with it. As for the rest of the song, it’s just loosely provides some observations about mundane life and relationships.”

Despite the seemingly mundane origins of the track, the new clip takes 'Donna' to its most ridiculous extremes. Created by frequent collaborator Willem Kingma, the band are found in a bizarre living room of sorts, and in one long shot, we're offered a brief glimpse at each of their wild personalities. It doesn’t quite give much away about the song itself, but the clip perfectly matches the track’s lively spirit, and it’s a heap of fun to watch.

Check out 'Donna' above, and catch Bones and Jones launching the single on Saturday, November 23rd, at the Gasometer.