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Video Premiere:
Mystery Guest - The Red Dance
Words by Lulu Spencer
Wednesday 5th February, 2020
Today, Mystery Guest are dosing out an enigmatic dance-pop dream with ‘The Red Dance’, their new single that evokes the experience of pure immersion on the dance floor.
With its dynamic nature, complex beat and hypnotic melody, ‘The Red Dance’ is easy to get lost in. Almost instantly, we’re immersed in waves of mesmerising synthesisers while a steady groove thumps behind. Before long, we’re completely captivated by the amounting rhythmic layers that tangle amongst the intricate hooks - it’s the sort of track that compels you to dance until you forget that you were meant to be meeting your friends in the smokers. According to the band, "'The Red Dance' explores feelings of dissociation on the dance floor, and the possibilities this affords. When the continuity of identity, time and space that order everyday life give over to a kind of Dionysian pop-militancy - dance for dance’s sake - people who might not ordinarily interact come into contact in this really intense, immanent, way”.

Directed by Geoffrey O’Connor, the new video reimagines the dance floor as an alternate plane. The clip, in which we are orbiting around this existential space, incorporates elements of 90’s euro chic which illustrates Mystery Guest’s ability to seamlessly tie in the contemporary and the timeless. With intense lighting and stark, contrasting colours, shadows and haze render the dancers featureless and we are only able respond to their choreography, which is as artful as it is visceral. This, along with the captivating track creates an experience for the senses.

‘The Red Dance’ is the first release from Mystery Guest’s upcoming debut album Octagon City, and with a debut track that is nearly impossible to stay still to, we can’t wait to discover what kind of dance floor vortex the rest of the album will suck us into.

Lose yourself to 'The Red Dance' above, and keep an eye on Mystery Guest via their socials as they prepare to release their debut album later this year, out through Tenth Court.