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YARA - Man Hater
Words by Joshua Hicks
Friday 6th March, 2020
Ahead of its official release this Sunday to coincide with International Women’s Day, we are beyond thrilled to premiere ‘Man Hater’, the phenomenal debut single from neo-soul powerhouse YARA.
YARA is the solo project of experienced singer/songwriter Yara Alkurd. The Palestinian artist, who also provides backing vocals and plays keys in fellow Melbourne band, Velvet Bloom, has hit the ground running with her soulful and thought-provoking debut release.

With ‘Man Hater’, the neo-soul songstress takes a massive swing back at the daily expectations and criticism women are subjected to, tackling toxic masculinity culture and the oppressive attitudes towards women’s agency over their bodies. The hook “you call me a man hater” is strikingly honest and quite heartbreaking, referencing the derogatory terms many women are dubbed for speaking out against sexist or abusive behaviour perpetrated by men.

Speaking about the motivation behind the track, Yara shares “I’ve experienced an uncomfortable amount of difficult encounters with men in my life, which have been unpleasant to say the least, but what has been even more problematic are the people (men and women) who witness these situations, stand by and do nothing, or worse, dehumanise those who stand up for themselves and call them man haters.”

‘Man Hater’ has everything you could want from a neo-soul groove train - noodling guitars, angelic harmonies, arresting keys and a bouncy bassline. Yara’s vocals show of an artist who has honed their musicality, etching passion into every word, and the surprising (in the best way possible) rap verse from Manali adds an extra powerful punch with some eloquent bars. The track would be well received by fans of Amy Winehouse or Emily King, or really anyone who just appreciates great, soulful music - but maybe not people who call others “man hater”.

Check out ‘Man Hater’ above, and catch YARA next week supporting Velvet Bloom on Wednesday, March 11th, at the Evelyn Hotel.