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Velvet Bloom - Standards
Words by Joshua Hicks
Tuesday 24th March, 2020
Soul-pop powerhouse Velvet Bloom have once again graced us with a premiere of their new track, ‘Standards’, a smooth and dynamic neo-soul tune that pairs perfectly with a lazy night in.
Velvet Bloom is the moniker of Mornington-born singer/songwriter Maddy Herbert, who, with her awe-inspiring vocal chops and soulful guitar work has hurricaned Melbourne’s neo-soul scene over the past few years, backed by her extended band The Vito Collective. Following a massive 2019 which saw Maddy release her debut EP Bitter Sweet, as well as a host of singles including ‘Teach Ya’ and ’DM Me’, the group are back today with ‘Standards’, evidence that the five-piece have no intention of slowing down.

We’re introduced to ‘Standards’ by a crisp, finger-picked electric guitar before the rest of band ease into the groove, lulling us into a nice sway. The musicality on the track is exceptional - it’s light and lively, and the production makes the piece feel like dripping honey. Channeling the likes Lauren Ruth Ward, Jaala, and Alabama Shakes, it’s clear that Maddy is completely comfortable upfront, her stunning voice revealing her natural charisma as it soars over the unfolding instrumentation.

Driven by Maddy’s compelling storytelling, the track speaks of a straining relationship, one where the attachment that was initially keeping the two together is now more of a memory, as first line implies “seeing you, I’m not seeing you”. And just like the track’s themes, just as we begin to settle into the groove, the band divert into a gripping half-time bridge, reminding us not to get too comfortable amongst the flowing layers, before the band shift back for one more blissful chorus.

According to Maddy, “‘Standards’ is a song about realising complacent behaviours in a relationship and acknowledging that your needs are of importance. We fall in love with the version of a person that they wish for us to see and occasionally you hold onto someone that no longer exists as your time with them continues. ‘Standards’ is about knowing your worth and that your expectations should be valued.”

Listen to ‘Standards’ above, and follow Velvet Bloom on their socials below.