Music / Premieres
Outtatime - my love,
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 26th March, 2020
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut single from coastal jazz-soul project Outtatime - ‘my love,’ is a dose of enthralling soul-pop and a stunning first taste from the emerging singer-songwriter.
Despite it being just her debut single, the level of elegance and composure that emanates from Cat Richardson throughout ‘my love,’ reveals her new project must be one to watch as we head into the year. From the sombre keys that open the track through to the its elusive outro, ‘my love,’ is a passionate slow-burn, that gently unwinds and evolves as the layers of sound and emotion continually build and subside.

At first, the revolving chords are calming, almost meditative, while Cat’s voice oozes with confidence and naturally moves to the front, rich yet subtle. However, as the soundscape blooms open with an RnB groove and some charismatic jazzy flourishes, the weight of the emotion begins to amount - Cat’s vocals are still commanding though feel just as vulnerable, as she weaves a striking melody through the turbulent instrumental. Exploring the strain and joy that comes with a long distance relationship, ‘my love,’ is passionate without force yet remains somewhat resigned to its fate - and as the track drifts into a haze at its conclusion, it’s apparent that Cat's emotion is best encompassed in each fleeting moment, rather than the whole at a glance.

Speaking about the track, Cat shares “for me, ‘my love,’ is about everything that comes with loving someone. The pure joy and adrenalin, but also taking a moment to acknowledge the pain and challenges that come with it all. I chose to repeat the line “all the time in the world, my love…” to really cement the fact that it’s important to not stress too much about the future and what’s potentially to come; but to enjoy each other as much as you can, when you can and be present in every single moment.”

Listen to ‘my love,’ above, and keep up to date with Outtatime via their Facebook page.