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You Never Know - Aydin Sayar
Words by Joshua Hicks
Tuesday 12th May, 2020
Today we have the privilege of premiering the explosive synth-pop tune ‘You Never Know’ from Melbourne’s own Aydin Sayar, and it’s as infectious as it is poignant.
With the release of ‘You Never Know’, it would be easy to assume this was more than the sophomore release from Aydin Sayar. The Melburnian synth-pop artist has been relatively quiet since the release of the chill head-bop ‘Monday’ in 2019, so the upbeat ‘You Never Know’ is a welcome surprise. The track was a result of a phenomenal synergy between Sayar, co-writer and producer Hamish Patrick of Higher Places as well as co-writer and co-producer Gab Strum of Japanese Wallpaper, and the master craftsmanship of the artists really shines through.

Although there’s a lot going on within the track, ‘You Never Know’ excels thanks to its expert layering of instruments, as every piece settles into a perfect spot in the mix - the synths and guitar glittering up front while a pulsing bass maintains the track’s driving force from the backseat. As the staccato guitar juts in and out amongst chorus-laden chords, its easy to lose yourself in the immersive soundscape, and Sayar’s vocals are smooth and intoxicating to match. However, as the intensity amounts at the track’s conclusion, Sayar transitions to a surprising gruff and passionate divulgence, sending ‘You Never Know’ out on a particularly striking note.

On ‘You Never Know’, Sayar opens up about his experience during a toxic relationship. Sayar has always used music as an outlet for his inner struggle with mental illness. According to him, “it’s only in the past couple of years that I realised I’ve probably been experiencing depression and anxiety for most of my life. Writing and producing my own music has been an outlet for me, but it’s also a platform to connect with so many other people who are experiencing the same thing.” Despite the sparkly polish of 'You Never Know', Sayar never loses sight of the track’s weight and power, drawing from the rawness of insecurity and hurt to create something that embodies strength.

Listen to 'You Never Know' above, and follow Aydin Sayar's socials for more to come.