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Kill Bell - Sad Song
Words by Jarrah Saunders
Monday 10th August, 2020
Today we’re stoked to have Melbourne punk three-piece Kill Bell back with us, as we premiere their first release of the year - ‘Sad Song’ is a hard-hitting alt-rock anthem brimming with melodic hooks and an unmistakable 90’s influence.
Kill Bell’s formation is a familiar tale for anyone that’s ever been a musician in Melbourne. They became friends after repeated encounters watching each others’ bands (Girl Germs, Birdhouse) play Old Bar and The Tote, bonding over their shared love of live music. One thing led to another and soon they were writing songs together (including last year’s singles 'Baby' and 'Not On Loop') and playing Tote shows of their own.

Their latest effort ‘Sad Song’, mixed and mastered by Melbourne indie mainstay Calum Newton (Candy, Lunatics on Pogo Sticks), is filled with catchy, melodic pop hooks, sporting an unmistakable influence from 90's alternative icons like Kim Gordon and The Breeders with a raw candour that’s firmly a product of the present day. Gnarly, smashed drums and a driving bassline loop tirelessly under a confident, compelling vocal delivery, exploding into a frenzy of squalling guitar when the chorus drops.

‘Sad Song’ came to be for a very specific purpose: “We wanted to write a song that was our ‘ballad’ in the set. Our live show needed a song where we could catch our breath and play something a little slower and more melodic”. On this count, Kill Bell failed abjectly - ‘Sad Song’ is a fast-paced, hard-hitting stomper that’ll doubtlessly endear itself to countless new fans (myself included) as a cornerstone of their future live sets.

Have a listen to ‘Sad Song’ above and keep up with Kill Bell by following them below.