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Video Premiere:
Ghost in the Sheet -
A Life of Constant and Nauseating Guilt
Words by Conor Lochrie
Friday 4th September, 2020
Ghost in the Sheet is an enigma, a musical spectre. Their new single ‘A Life of Constant and Nauseating Guilt’ is also the first thing to be released under the pseudonym; a striking debut to mark the beginning of an elusive creative endeavour.
We are not supposed to know who Ghost in the Sheet is. Paul Hogan, returned under a new guise to grasp at a long-lost fame? Liam Hemsworth, recoiling from yet another breakup with Miley Cyrus into this shadowy musical form? It’s weird, challenging, but above all intriguing. Ghost in the Sheet knows that marketing is half the battle in modern music; they’ve certainly succeeded with that part so far.

His is a story more than a song. The production is minimal, consisting of a repetitive percussive beat that lets the words tumble out over them. It’s a small slice-of-life piece. The narrative concerns the unfortunate road accident that leaves the presumed Ghost in the Sheet’s young relative seriously injured. The song begins: “I can still clearly remember that morning / You took on that car, riding your push bike. Head on!”

The downbeat and considered monologue recalls Arab Strap, if Aidan Moffat’s thick Scottish growl was replaced by a suburban Australian drawl. Malvern Star and Commodore Sedan are name-checked, cementing this setting. Ghost in the Sheet also possesses a gift for the darkly comic. “Your helmet cradled your head, but as I turned your head to see your eyes, it split in half / Exposing the surprise within / And just like a Kinder surprise, I was not happy with what I found” finds humour from the deepest of terrible sources.

The song’s title forms the concluding line of the song: “As the now red and champagne commodore speeds away / Its pilot set to live a life of constant and nauseating guilt”. It’s a powerful and assertive ending.

How will Ghost in the Sheet remain undercover and undiscovered during a live show? Perhaps the goal is to see how many singles can be dropped, how far into his career he can go, before the game is up. For now, enjoy his debut and revel in the elusiveness and anonymity.

Listen to 'A Life of Constant and Nauseating Guilt' in all the usual places now, and follow Ghost in the Sheet below to try and figure the whole thing out.