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Video Premiere:
Last Quokka - Wake Up Geoff
Words by Michael Scalzo
Tuesday 8th September, 2020
Following the release of their second album Unconscious Drivers last Friday, we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the new clip from Perth punks Last Quokka - a track that clever balances their usual political commentary with a piss-taking attitude, ‘Wake Up Geoff’ is a blast of frantic garage-punk with a new clip that’s just as much fun.
State Premiers seem to be all the rage these days, hogging the spotlight over their Federal friends. Before the days of a national cabinet, carbon taxes or the Ruby Princess, there was Geoff Gallop, Premier of WA - around the same time David Wirrpanda was kicking miracle goals from the boundary line at Subiaco Oval. State Premiers, like government policies and footballers of yesteryear, probably slip our mind more than they should. However, Perth garage outfit Last Quokka have sought to rectify that with the release of ‘Wake Up Geoff’.

The guys from over-west have an inspired take on the ex-Premier, explaining that “we're not saying he's such a great guy, but compared to these other pricks he's alright”. Given the band’s tendency for snarky political commentary - something that’s heard across their new album - ‘Wake Up Geoff’ isn’t quite the political rock ballad intended to rally a generation, but you can only work with what you’ve got these days. That said, the track’s still an absolute riot that will make sure this long-lost politician stays firmly in our minds. Plus, a cheeky cameo at the end of the clip is a charming final reminder of one of the forgotten men of the West Australian parliament with the decency not to be an idiot.

Last Quokka's new album Unconscious Drivers dropped last Friday, and can be heard in all the usual places - head to to purchase the album on limited red vinyl.