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stressless - Catch & Release
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 8th July, 2021
Ahead of its official release tomorrow, rising Sydney quartet stressless have shared an early listen to their latest single ‘Catch & Release’, a slice of relentless indie-rock that comes loaded with energy and sprawling hooks.
Across their first three tracks, stressless have offered up a mishmash of restless garage-rock, ethereal dream-pop and charming jangle, and on ‘Catch & Release’, their first single for the year, they’ve rounded off the edges of their sound to craft perhaps their tightest nugget yet.

From the get-go, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the track’s playful dynamics. Loose and instantaneous, ‘Catch & Release’ bursts open into a tangle of wirey guitars over a propulsive groove, and although Gus Hunt’s vocals are unassumingly sharp, his delivery is just as charming; you can clearly tell the band are having fun as he sings “I can’t relax, not without my Pepsi Max”.

With 90’s indie-rock as a clear reference point, the track unravels thrillingly - first with a chorus that radiates with reliable hooks that are both irreverent and personable, to the sprawling no-holds-barred guitar solo, through to the steady build-up at the track’s conclusion that successfully plants the track straight into your brain.

Speaking about the track, Gus shares, “we went to our friend Sam's (from Shrapnel and Sachet) backshed/studio to record two (other) songs, both of which we never really finished - it's funny, we'd only started jamming on it ('Catch & Release') a couple of days before, no real intention to track it - it didn't have a title or any proper lyrics, just a rough structure - i thought i was being smart and cryptic with the lyrical content, like the “I can’t relax, pepsi max, I’m not bitter, but this is still so bittersweat” part, but was later told it was pretty obvious, I think everyone else worked out what the lyrics were about before I did."

'Catch & Release' is out tomorrow in all the usual places. You can catch stressless launching the new single at the Petersham Bowling Club on Friday July 30th, joined by Okin Osan and BP.