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Sal Wonder - Tranquility
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 24th November, 2021
Out everywhere today, Sal Wonder’s debut album Tranquility is an exuberant journey into the kaleidoscopic musical mind of the Melbourne multi-instrumentalist, loaded top to tail with undeniable grooves, joyous hooks and infectious neo-soul charisma.
This past May, we were lucky enough to share a first listen to Tranquility’s lead single ‘Between Your Arms’, a track we suggested was a “perfect starter” to welcome listeners into Sal Wonder’s sonic universe. Now six months on, the window into this world has fully opened and just as we expected, the full-length album is a stunning debut that's vibrant and full of life.

Instantly, we’re hit with the left-right-goodnight of opening sequence ‘Between Your Arms’, ‘Tranquility’ and ‘One Sweet Motion’, three numbers that lure us deep into the pocket with their R&B backbone and funk-tinged instrumental interplay. At the centre of each track however is Sal’s soulful vocals, that duck and weave enigmatically around the ebbing layers of sound and embed each tune with an overwhelming sense of joy.

It’s fitting the the album has been titled Tranquility because the reoccurring theme across these nine tracks is their ability to lull listeners into a glorious chill-zone. From ‘Hide From The Sun’, which builds around shimmering instrumental swells and features some of Sal’s strongest guitar work yet, past a radiant cover of Bill Wither’s ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and through to the propulsive frenzy of closing track ‘TSHMLG’ which leaves us on a high, Tranquility is a triumph over the bleak and monotonous - a true celebration that has us captivated from beginning to end.

Tranquility is out now in all the usual places.