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Video Premiere:
Hearts and Rockets - On/Off
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 30th November, 2021
Following the release of their new EP TV is Boring last Friday, local favourites Hearts and Rockets are back again, this time with a fun new clip for the EP’s electric opening track ‘On/Off’.
Somehow this year, a full 12 months nearly passed without a release from Hearts and Rockets. Since forming back in 2016 as Heat Wave, the minimalist punk duo have been consistently serving up dose after dose of their bratty synth-punk blitzes and after a stacked 2020, the pair seemed to be taking a well deserved rest. Turns out that’s not entirely the truth; the duo have actually spent the year working on tracks for the third full-length record and with more than enough tunes to work without, they’ve managed to pull together an extra EP titled TV Is Boring, four new tracks (and a bonus cover) that are linked by references to “the omnipresent flicker of TV screens”.

Opening track ‘On/Off’ is an instant highlight that amalgamates everything there is to love about the new EP. Built on a crisp, driving groove that blurs together robotic programmed beats, searing guitar leads and a relentless bass chug, the track expands around Kalindy William’s signature vocal yelps and her playful lyrics. As evocative as it is disorientating, every line seems to fly by leaving us wondering whether they’ve actually just name-dropped a popular show or only said something that sounds like one, and by the time the snappy chorus charges through, we’ve been lulled into a intoxicating haze that seems to mimic the feeling of being glued to the tube for too long. Paired with a brand new clip that catches Hearts and Rockets doing what they do best (which is performing the track in the middle of nowhere with their effortlessly cool steeze well on display), it’s easy to understand why the pair are so unstoppable; if making DIY pop sounds as fun and compelling as this, why would you ever need a moment’s rest?

TV is Boring is out now through Psychic Hysteria - head to to grab the EP on limited cassette tape.