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Video Premiere:
Charlie Needs Braces - Fantastically Crooked
Words by James Lynch
Friday 18th March, 2022
The fourth and final taste of her forthcoming debut EP GuriNgai Girl, today Charlie Needs Braces has shared her latest single ‘Fantastically Crooked’ with us - a blast of shapeshifting alternative-pop that’s tumultuous backstory is only topped by the track’s vibrant energy.
Recognisable from her work with The Seven Ups, Ogopogo, WVR BABY and more, last year local multi-instrumentalist Charlie Woods stepped out on her own with her first solo endeavour under the winning pseudonym Charlie Needs Braces. Inspired by her new braces, as well as her experiences learning of her family’s Aboriginal heritage, the project has blossomed quickly and across the past twelve months, Charlie’s been slowly drip-feeding her forthcoming debut EP GuriNgai Girl to us, with the fourth and final single ‘Fantastically Crooked’ out today.

While each moment from the forthcoming EP has traversed somewhat similar sonic terrain - built around a combo of Charlie’s impeccable live looping skills, her masterful brass playing and soulful vocals - each track has managed to stand on its own thanks to her charismatic songwriting. ‘Fantastically Crooked’ is no different, and paired with perhaps her most eclectic live video of all, makes for a joyously warped viewing experience.

After a careening backbeat is set, ‘Fantastically Crooked’ expands with a brawny trombone bass layer, followed by a stack of swirling harmonies and Charlie’s radiant lead vocal. After watching the soundscape materialise in front of us, it’s a little surprising how quickly it becomes truly immersive - the beat is addictive, the trombone looming and enigmatic and Charlie’s bouncing delivery loaded with character, all before a majestic trumpet swoops in to steal the show. Considering the track was inspired by “a less than friendly dentist [who] claimed ‘that tooth is not even remotely close to the spot it's meant to be’”, Charlie has turned it into an undeniably exuberant listening experience and one that makes us all the more excited for her forthcoming debut EP.

'Fantastically Crooked' is out everywhere today, ahead of the release of Charlie Needs Braces forthcoming EP GuriNgai Girl later this year. Keep up to date with Charlie Needs Braces by following her below.