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Video Premiere:
Wet Kiss - Nobody Has To Know
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 29th March, 2022
Alongside the announcement of their forthcoming debut album via the always reliable and forever unpredictable Dero Arcade, freaky-pop group Wet Kiss have revealed ‘Nobody Has To Know’, a thrillingly chaotic new single with an equally unsettling clip.
Save for a collection of isolation recordings created in collaboration with bandmate Bodies, our first impression of Wet Kiss (a rising project led by local musician Brenna O) was shared earlier this month in the form of ‘Sister Duress’, a grimy dose of experimental pop that lured us into Wet Kiss’ surrealist world in a truly disorientating fashion. Now a few weeks off, we’ve been treated to another taste, with the enthralling and perhaps even more impenetrable ‘Nobody Has To Know’.

Instantly frantic and soaked in anxious energy, ‘Nobody Has To Know’ bursts open with a haphazard tangle of mashed piano keys over a propulsive post-punk groove. It’s an uncanny atmosphere from the get-go, but one that only grows more disconcerting as the track progresses - Brenna O’s vocals are simultaneously playful and sinister up front, and from behind her potent croon, we’re constantly bombarded with dashes of looming sax, leering backing vocals and frenetic keyboard stabs. Amidst this mayhem, where the track truly shines is in its sheer relentlessness; somehow the intensity manages to consistently one-up itself, so much so that by the ending, we’re fully immersed in this kaleidoscopic of menacing yet thrilling chaos.

The new clip, created by the band alongside Hana Earles (Meow2 Gallery) and Tom Ward (Sex Cop), takes things one step further, making for a grippingly out of control viewing experience. The press release gets straight to the point though; “Wet Kiss are going nowhere fast. They perform night after night at the same dive bar to the same gang of deadbeat rats with their bossy authoritarian Pig manager breathing down their neck. After years of trying to make it big, they reluctantly signed Pig's dubious record contract but promises of fame and fortune remain unfulfilled. What's a girl to do? She put it in the music!” You’d better see for yourself.

Wet Kiss' debut album She's So Cool is out on Tuesday May 10th via Dero Arcade - head to to pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl.