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Loveboner - POV: your stepdad's at the gay bar (and he's doing great)
Words by James Lynch
Friday 1st April, 2022
A first taste of their forthcoming second album, eloquently titled Loveboner Are Reinventing Oral Sex, local queer punk heroes Loveboner are back today with ‘POV: your stepdad's at the gay bar (and he's doing great)’, a new dose of their eccentric and overwhelmingly fun garage-rock.
Given that the track is titled ‘POV: your stepdad's at the gay bar (and he's doing great)’, we can’t really blame Loveboner from getting straight to the point with this tune. Within seconds, we’re dunked into a swirl of rough-around-the-edges power-pop that refuses to let up for a good three minutes, loaded with the duo’s charisma, outlandish humour and unstoppable garage-pop smarts.

From the get-go, drummer Chris’ vocals steal the show, their endearingly unabashed delivery making the twists and turns of the tale all the more entertaining. With such a hilarious narrative at the centre of the track, it’s easy to get swept away by the glory and chaos of the story being told, but underneath, every win is made all the more joyous with Lauren's ripping guitar work and sweet ooh-la-las atop the thundering groove. Complete with its rollicking chorus, a spoken-word doo-wop breakdown and some of the most on-point lyrical descriptions we’ve heard in a while, there’s plenty to get hooked on here; and the best part is that it sounds like Loveboner are having just as much fun as we are.

With the new album on the way, coming out through the excellent Psychic Hysteria (a first time pairing for the two), there’s a lot for Loveboner fans to look forward to. But in the meantime, just enjoy the fact that here's a new banger for you and your step-dad to bond over.

'POV: your stepdad's at the gay bar (and he's doing great)' is out today via Psychic Hysteria, ahead of the release of their new album Loveboner Are Reinventing Oral Sex on July 1st - head to
to pre-order a lathe cut 10" record. Loveboner are launching the single on Friday April 15th at Nighthawks with Cik Cyka and Burger Chef.