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Video Premiere:
Muma Ganoush - Early Light
Words by James Lynch
Friday 1st April, 2022
Throwing a final spotlight on their debut album before they move on to new music, today local indie-rockers Muma Ganoush have shared a dazzling new clip for album highlight ‘Early Light’ with us, luring us further into the disorientating and charming world of The Big Beam.
A pretty rare situation in the life of Trouble Juice is getting the chance to cover the same song twice. Back in late 2020, ahead of the release of Muma Ganoush’s debut album The Big Beam, we were lucky to share a first listen to their evocative debut single ‘Early Light’, and now nearly 18 months on we’ve been treated to its companion piece, a spectacular new clip created by bandleader Shelby Wilton and housemate Ivy Emily Trim. Originally filmed in late 2020, it’s been a long time coming but the wait was all worth it.

What made ‘Early Light’ so compelling when it dropped was its blend of woozy, sundappled grooves alongside technicolour bursts of excitement, a soundtrack that seemed fitting at the time as it simultaneously mimicked the lethargy and restlessness of lockdown life. Cleverly, the brand new clip manages to evoke this same sensation - seemingly anchored in the real world but with an eccentric surrealist edge, we join Shelby as she journeys around her neighbourhood, only to be interrupted by a series of peculiar happenings. Although it was filmed entirely from lockdown, without the context you wouldn’t spot it; the clip’s zany theatrics never feel limited, either by imagination or Covid restriction, which makes for a joyously entertaining watch.

As the press release explains, “the animation and editing took about a year to complete after filming (which explains why it looks so damn good)”, and we’ve gotta say, this might’ve been a blessing in disguise. Not only is the new clip a glorious extension of the glowing psych-pop universe Shelby and her band crafted on their debut record, but it’s offered us the chance to get reacquainted with the track (and album) when the world doesn’t feel as strange, which makes its offbeat atmosphere and giddy energy all the more affecting.

The Big Beam is out now through Marthouse Records.