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Baby Be Mine -
A chat with Mirror Mirror
Words and interview by James Lynch
Wednesday 13th April, 2022
Following the release of his new single ‘Baby Be Mine’ last month, we got in touch with rising soul-pop songwriter/producer Mirror Mirror to dig into his debut slice of psychedelic infused soft-rock.
Despite its mild temperament and introspective lens, Mirror Mirror’s debut single ‘Baby Be Mine’ arrives bursting with personality and spark. It might be the solo debut for Northern Beaches multi-instrumentalist Ondre Davis, but it’s clear from the get-go that over the ten years that Ondre has spent accompanying other local performers, he’s been masterfully shaping his own songwriting prowess in the background.

Effortlessly cool without feeling apathetic, ‘Baby Be Mine’ emerges gently with the honeyed chime of a Fender Rhodes keyboard, before expanding into a swirl of gooey synths, twinkling guitars and an evocative simmering groove. Anchored by its radiant vintage atmosphere, there’s a glorious ebb and flow to the track as it unravels over its five minute runtime; but its Ondre’s velvety vocals and joyously fun keys playing that truly takes the spotlight, making it impossible not to keep singing “baby be mine” to yourself well after the song is over.

To celebrate the new track, we got in touch to get to know Mirror Mirror a little better.
TJ: Hey Ondre, how’s it going? For the unacquainted, want to tell us a bit about who/what Mirror Mirror is?

MM: I’m going well thankyou! Feeling healthy and happy. Mirror Mirror is my solo project I’ve dreamt about for a long time! I’ve been a gigging/working musician for about ten years now and I’ve always fantasised about the day I’d slow down and leave some mental space and creative energy to create music of my own. I feel like I’ve slowly been setting up for this moment, and now I’m enjoying freedom, and making time to express and share what my love for music is. Mirror Mirror is the music I love to hear, the music I want to hear. Being able to write, record, mix these ideas, and be happy with it, has been a really big goal of mine and I’m so proud that it’s all happening.

You’ve just dropped your addictive new single 'Baby Be Mine'. Could you share the story behind this track?

The idea of ‘BBM’ came from the era of those late 70’s, early 80’s slow groovy love ballads that I love. The lyrics are about the insecurities you can feel in a relationship, the constant doubt about yourself, and uncertainty of the others’ commitment, and of course the want you still have for them.

You’ve mentioned the track came to life after buying a Fender Rhodes, as if the song just “popped out” of the piano. Can you describe your relationship with the instrument and how it helped this track come together?

The Rhodes is one of my favourite instruments ever. Like so many things back in the day, I believe they just had it right! For this track, and the EP, this was the instrument I’d sit at first. Those first few thoughts or ideas would always come through clearly when I sat down and played it - and that’s where ‘BBM’ came from. I pieced together some chords I loved, and then worked on a melody and some lyrics. The Rhodes gave a great base for all the other instruments too. In the process of recording and mixing it, all the other parts and sounds sat so well with it.

‘Baby Be Mine’ is your debut release under your new moniker Mirror Mirror. Could you tell us a bit about your musical background and what pushed you towards starting your own solo project?

I think the need for musical freedom and expression drove me to start this project. And my lovely partner! And my friends… and getting to build my own studio space, which I’ll explain after! Making the change from being a full time musician to this has really brought out a lot of love, patience and creative energy for music. I guess I felt a bit trapped musically. But I’m feeling so much better now, and so happy to be creating and sharing music I love.

Now about the studio… in March 2020, one of my closest friends Anthony asked me if I wanted to build my own studio in his space. After a few months I had my dream room all built and sorted out and I was stoked to be in there. Having all my things out of a home studio environment created a way more productive and inspiring space for me. From there I’ve focused on learning about recording techniques, getting to know my gear/instruments, writing music, and practice of course!

You’ve also shared an evocative new clip that showcases the chemistry between you and the full Mirror Mirror band. How’d this band come together and do you have much in the pipeline as a group?

Unfortunately, there is no Mirror Mirror ‘group’ yet! The lovely people in the video are some of my best friends, and I really wanted to share that moment with them. I always loved those old videos I’d see on a Sunday morning on rage, the band would all be set up as if they’re playing a real gig, all just jamming out and having fun - I just wanted to try and re create that feeling.
,br> However, I’m definitely looking forward to putting together a group. Playing shows and dancing around will be happening very soon!

Now a classic TJ question to wrap this up - what’s your perfect Sunday?

A perfect Sunday would start by waking up from a glorious sleep next to my wife, soaking in some sun, flicking some vinyl on, George Benson or Michael Franks is always nice, eating some delicious nutritious food, heading to the beach for a dip or surf, then ending it with a few chilli margs or wines at our local.
'Baby Be Mine' is out now in all the usual places.