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Video Premiere:
Abbey Rose - That's Your Problem
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 5th May, 2022
Off the back of the release of her vibrant new single ‘That’s Your Problem’ last week, neo-soul powerhouse Abbey Rose has returned today with a brand new clip that takes the track’s themes of self-assurance to the next level with its playful and mystical edge.
Following on from the slow-burning and intoxicating atmosphere of debut single ‘He’, Abbey Rose’s latest cut is a stunning change of pace. While it’s no secret that Abbey’s truly in her element within the radiant world of R&B and soul-pop - she’s supported the likes of NGAIIRE and Emma Louise and she’s also a member of sassy fem-hop group The Mamas - on ‘That’s Your Problem’ she fully leans in, showcasing how fun the genre can be with stacks of funky guitar work, an undeniable groove and her impressively powerful vocal performance.

Speaking about the track, Abbey shared “I wrote this song while in a transitional period of life. I realised I’d been chasing people who didn’t have the capacity to love me in the way I needed, putting myself and my feelings last, and living off of crumbs of affection. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself - and also as an act of healing my own heart. If you’ve had any kind of one-sided friendship, been taken for granted in a relationship, or been strung along while dating - blast this tune, get over it, and focus on being the best version of yourself - for you!” It’s fitting then that ‘That’s Your Problem’ sounds so self-assured - from beginning to end, Abbey’s vocals ooze with soul as they catapult across the blossoming instrumentation, striking the perfect amount of swagger and vulnerability while the band groove along assertively behind her.

The brand new clip, directed by Max Lawrence, offers up a playful twist on the idea of loving yourself in any shape or form. After opening evocatively with some soft visuals of Abbey performing, she’s joined by three local drag queens - Gloss, Cerulean and Aubrey Haive - and zooms straight into a far wackier space that’s a little surreal, a bit mystical and a whole heap of fun. It’s a nice touch - for a song that’s so purposeful and direct, it’s somehow all the more empowering seeing Abbey and co throwing caution to the wind and having the best time while they’re at it.

'That's Your Problem' is out everywhere now. Catch Abbey launching the single tonight at The Retreat Hotel with Jess Tyler and Priscilla Stanley - grab a ticket here.