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Mirror Mirror - Stay Around
Words by James Lynch
Monday 9th May, 2022
Alongside the news that his debut EP First Glance is on the way, Palm Beach-based songwriter Mirror Mirror has returned with ‘Stay Around’, another dose of his evocative retro-pop goodness.
Picking up right where previous single ‘Baby Be Mine’ left off, ‘Stay Around’ catches Sydney based multi-instrumentalist Ondre Davis once again luring us deep into the glistening world of Mirror Mirror. With radiant 70’s soul as a constant touchstone, this time around we’re in the slowjam zone, as Ondre treats us to a down-tempo second taste of his burgeoning new project.

Led by the twinkling keys of a Fender Rhodes, ‘Stay Around’ blossoms open with Ondre’s rich, soulful vocals front and centre, atop of a tapestry of swelling synthesisers, gleaming strings and an irresistibly sensuous groove. Compared to the playful romp that was ‘Baby Be Mine’, it’s fitting that ‘Stay Around’ feels a little more composed and contemplative, yet somehow all the more passionate, as Ondre’s earnest delivery and vulnerable lyrics pair perfectly with the track’s emotive feel. That’s not to say the song’s lacking any spark though - from top to tail, the hooks are simultaneously delicate and loaded with charisma while the soundscape grows more intoxicating as it unravels, providing the right amount of theatrics to have us totally captivated by the track’s conclusion.

Speaking about the track, Ondre shares “I wrote this track because this is how I felt being a working musician sometimes. I was always out, week nights, all weekend, and I always felt so distant in my relationship. When I was writing it, I imagined both sides of the story, and the lyrics ended up actually having a back and forth conversation.”

'Stay Around' is out everywhere officially tomorrow, ahead of the release of Mirror Mirror's debut EP First Glance.