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Like A Butterfly -
A chat with nite fruit
Words and interview by James Lynch
Thursday 2nd June, 2022
Just two months on from the release of their latest EP, nite fruit are back with ‘Like A Butterfly’, a new dose of their vibrant experimental-pop goodness, and to celebrate we caught up with the duo to find out what’s been going on.
When we last wrote about nite fruit, we commented on the two year gap between their previous releases, noting the evolution in the duo’s sound as their “brand of electronic-pop [returned] sounding more assured than ever”. What we didn’t expect was for them to pick up this new stride so quickly, because it’s barely been two months and they’re back again with new music, this time a dizzying standalone single ‘Like A Butterfly.’

Picking up where their previous EP left off, ‘Like A Butterfly’ expands around a flurry of eclectic programmed beats layered alongside waves of deep synth throbs, while the pair’s amorphous vocals serve up addictive and constantly shapeshifting hooks from beginning to end. ‘Like A Butterfly’ refuses to waste any time - the soundscape instantly feels gooey and thrillingly dramatic, and while the track warps and bends, its exaggerated atmosphere and plasticky sheen means that it constantly snaps back into shape when it feels the need.

Ahead of their single launch this Saturday, we caught up with Prani and Kitty to dive into the new track.
TJ: Hey nite fruit, how’s it going? We’ve been lucky enough to hear a few things from you in the past but for the unacquainted, want to tell us a bit about who nite fruit are?

NF: Hey! We’re great, really excited about this new single and our launch show this weekend. Good to chat to you again.

We’re a duo of two best friends - Prani (she/her) and Kitty (they/them) - making electronic pop. It’s the kind of music we like to listen to and dance to, informed by hyperpop and PC Music but with so many influences. We’ve been a band for about four years now, and friends for ten. 

Prani is in Narrm and Kitty is living in Muloobinba (Newcastle, NSW) this year, so we collaborate online. We did that over lockdowns too and it suits us well. 

You’ve just shared your latest single ‘Like A Butterfly’ - what’s the story behind the new track?

It’s a breakup anthem. It has all the emotions in it that come along with a breakup - you’re sad, you’re thankful for the memories, you’re bitter about the ways in which the other person hurt you. Ultimately, it’s about moving on and knowing that you’re better off without that person in your life. The breakup is something you’ll grow through and come out much stronger on the other side. 

Through the heart break, there’s a freedom, hopefulness and even excitement that comes with starting a new phase of your life. 

‘Like A Butterfly’ has come hot on the heels of your latest EP ‘4:44’ which only dropped in March. What was the writing process like for this track? And what separates it from the songs on the last EP?

Great question, because we wrote this song alongside the other tracks for the EP. ‘Like A Butterfly’ was written over two years and went through many different iterations. It sat in our unfinished projects and wasn’t touched for months but we knew we wanted to come back to it. 

When we decided to put out the EP, this one didn’t feel ready yet. But by the time all the tracks on 4:44 were finished, mixed and mastered, this song was almost good to go. The release of the EP felt like a really exciting forward motion, and we’ve been writing more new music. So we thought, why not just get this one out in the world? 

Hyper-pop is having a bit of a heyday at the moment, what draws you towards making this kind of music?

We’ve been huge fans of artists like SOPHIE, Charli XCX, Slayyyter and A.G. Cook for years. We put their songs on at parties with our friends or in the car together. When we decided to create nite fruit, it was after Charli’s Pop 2 album came out and we were both obsessed. It was like - this is the kind of music we want to make. So we taught ourselves how to do that. 

Hyper-pop is one of the genres we like to listen to and dance to. We’re both very much drawn to artificial, metallic, computer-generated sounds. We love to layer our production almost like a soundscape, with little effects, arps, bells, big bass lines, interesting percussion rhythms. Plus, we think using autotune is really fun. 

You’re launching the single this weekend at Nighthawks, what can punters expect from a nite fruit live show? Anything special going down at this show in particular?

Yes, it’s actually going to be really special! We love doing shows with other queer artists, and for this one we’re playing with good friends Light Transmissions and Geryon. 

Em of LT is living in Muloobinba with Kitty at the moment and is coming down specially for this show, so it’s potentially your only chance to see them play in Narrm this year. Geryon hasn’t played a show in ages too and we are huge fans, we can’t wait to hear the new demo they’re premiering.

We have two demo tracks to play too. We’re really stoked on these new songs we’ve written and can’t wait to perform them. And of course, you can expect all the usual - hot outfits and choreographed dance moves.

What’s up next for nite fruit?

There’s a music video in the works at the moment. We’ve got two new songs almost finished, and a bunch more projects on the go, including some more international and local colabs. 

We’ve been talking about our next release potentially being our debut album. But you can expect another single or two at least from us this year!

And finally, a classic TJ question, what’s your perfect Sunday?

A morning in bed with a cup of tea, then a walk outside in sunny weather. If we’re in the same state, hanging out together and watching episodes of She Ra or Buffy
'Like A Butterfly' is out everywhere now. nite fruit are launching the single this Saturday, June 4th, at Nighthawks with $15 tickets on the door - join the event here.