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Video Premiere:
Claude - Tamarind
Words by Fred Carlyle
Wednesday 19th July, 2022
Back with her first new music in two years, today Brisbane singer-songwriter Keeley Young has re-introduced us to her solo project Claude with an enthralling and delicate indie-folk tune ‘Tamarind’.
Named after the tamarind pods that held Keeley’s fixation during her strolls home from therapy, Claude’s first new music since her 2020 single ‘There Are Dishes In The Sink’ sounds equally as fragile and rich as their namesake. This new track and clip comes following the dissolution of Keeley’s art-pop group Requin, and although that project similarly toyed with elements of subtlety and restraint, on ’Tamarind’ Claude has stripped back all the layers to reveal her songwriter prowess at its rawest.

Led by her soothing and emotionally resonant vocals, overlaid across a pleasant nylon string guitar, ‘Tamarind’ shines in its minimalism, sounding simultaneously tender and brutal thanks to its unadorned atmosphere. Reflecting on a period of time when Keeley learned “how to come home to herself”, there is a real sense of confidence in the track, her voice brimming with self-assurance as it meanders over the sparse yet homely backdrop. Speaking about the track, Keeley explains “‘Tamarind’ is about boundaries and knowing when it’s unacceptable for someone to breach them. You’re not taking anything from anybody. Having boundaries doesn’t make you terrible, it makes you healthy.”

Accompanying the release of 'Tamarind' is a DIY video clip that invites us to Keeley’s home and lets us peer into her downtime habits and everyday routines. As Keeley dances, eats and sings in her living room adorned with plants lit up with natural lighting, we can truly feel the sense of peace and clarity Keeley’s home life offers to her, especially so when paired with such a stunning song.

‘Tamarind’ is out officially tomorrow, the first in a trio of single releases set for the second half of 2022. Follow Claude below to keep up to date.