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Laure Briard - My Love Is Right
Words by James Lynch
Monday 5th September, 2022
Highlighting the expanding scope of Sydney’s Third Eye Stimuli Records, today we have the pleasure of sharing a first listen to ‘My Love Is Right’ from French songwriter Laure Briard, an immersive introduction into her brand of dazzling pop-rock that doubles as a preview of her forthcoming fourth record Ne pas trop rester bleue.
Having showcased a knack for unearthing enthralling and odd psychedelic gems for the better part of the last ten years, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Third Eye Stimuli have now cast their outlook overseas. Their latest discovery is Laure Briard, a French songwriter currently gearing up for the release of her fourth record, and her new single ‘My Love Is Right’ gives local listeners a perfect introduction into her brand of serene and wistful psych-pop.

Built around a tapestry of woozy piano, meandering bass and a lilting groove, ‘My Love Is Right’ masterfully sits somewhere between 60’s soul, folk-pop and neo-psychedelia. While the instrumentation feels cinematic and lush, Laure’s vocals get straight to the point, embedding the track with a charismatic immediacy. That’s before the layers expand open further and we drift into a hypnotic outro, energised by a free-flowing flute solo that makes the entire listen feel all the more enigmatic.

Laure Briard's fourth album Ne pas trop rester bleue is due out early next year via Third Eye Stimuli, Midnight Special Records and PWR Records.