The Yips
A chat with Kelly Dance

Released this past December, Kelly Dance’s latest album The Yips comes as an enthralling snapshot of the songwriter’s smokey brand of expansive avant-folk, and to get the know the record a little better, we got in touch with Kelly for a chat.

Body Music
A chat with Cong Josie

Following the release of his thrilling debut album Cong! under his newly minted moniker Cong Josie, Nic Oogjes was kind enough to sit down with us for a wide ranging chat about all things within the world of Cong, including the project’s origins, the multitude of influences and the cathartic nature of the project.

Track by Track:
Mid-Evening – Evening Demos

Under his moniker Mid-Evening, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Robert Nguyen recently shared his debut EP Evening Demos, a collection of multi-layered ditties, jam-packed with woozy keyboard melodies and velvety rhythms. We caught up with Rob to hear about the process involved in creating each track.