Speed Dating / Henry Owen Fitzgerald
Henry Owen Fitzgerald

Freelance Dog

Where do we know you from?
From either sitting Hillvale or Instagram (s/o @woofandwalls)

The one meal you’d eat for the rest of your life?
Steak, rare.

Ball or stick? Why?
Ball is life.

Film or digital?
Either format. Just take a decent bloody picture.

If you had to Freaky Friday (swap bodies) with anyone at all, who and why?
Elton John — I feel filling his shoes would be a seamless transition (although I’ve never worn shoes).

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Wake up around 10, take a shit in the backyard. Then beg for brunch leftovers at Mixed Business followed by stroll through Edinburgh Gardens where I take another shit and urinate on any place I may have missed the previous Sunday. Finish it up by wedging myself between whoever is hungover at home and watching the latest episodes of Twin Peaks. Heaven.