Big Brekkie
A Chat between Eggy, Crepes and Baked Beans

Ahead of the Brunswick Music Feastival tomorrow – a show which will see a spread of Melbourne’s tastiest bands teaming up for what they’re describing as a “six-course serving of aural degustation” – we jumped in on a chat between Crepes, Eggy and Baked Beans, in hope of finding out what’s set to go down.

Track by Track:
Boats – Demos

From terrifying encounters with the sublime to moments of introspection, Boats’ new EP Demos is a thought-provoking body of work that pushes the boundaries of conventional songwriting to transport us somewhere else completely.

Track by Track:
Pollyman – Pollyman

Following a string of singles in 2019, Pollyman have just unleashed their self titled debut album, a staggering eight tracks that move through the voracity of genre hybridity with casual ease. As it turns one week old, we had frontman George Caroll Wilson talk us through Pollyman track by track.