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The Black Heart Death Cult - Black Rainbow
Words by James Lynch
Friday 14th July, 2017
The Black Heart Death Cult’s latest sonic assault 'Black Rainbow' is all fuzzed out guitars, pounding drums and ghostly vocals, encompassing everything that makes the Melbourne psych-droners such an exciting band to watch out for.
'Black Rainbow' explodes out of the gate with a visceral wall of noise, as guitars bleed from the sky and a powerful rhythm section pounds away underneath. It’s no surprise that the track (as well as the rest of the forthcoming LP) was produced by the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Ricky Maymi. However, while The Black Heart Death Cult don’t shy away from showing their influences, they do an impressive job at making the sound their own.

After a brief pause for breath, 'Black Rainbow' finds a steady groove and plows ahead. The snarling beast found at the song’s beginning suddenly turns gloomy as frontman Sasha L Smith’s ethereal vocals drift in and soak into the guitars, demonstrating The Black Heart Death Cult’s unique ability to sound both hauntingly sombre and powerful at once.

It’s clear that The Black Heart Death Cult don’t do normal as the song twists and turns again at the chorus, charging again with (even) more fuzz and a swirling, atmospherical vocal melody. The track burns toward its end with a intense psychedelic drone-out, before imploding into nothingness and fading away. With only one verse and one chorus but a whole lot of noise instead, ‘Black Rainbow’ highlights what the band do best and definitely builds more anticipation for the upcoming album.

To welcome the new single, The Black Heart Death Cult have released the Black Rainbow EP, allowing us to plunge deeper into their world. Following the auditory attack of ‘Black Rainbow’ comes the psychedelic groovers ‘SuperDomo’ and previous single ‘She’s a Believer’, both tracks brimming with 60’s fuzz tones. ‘Heroin’ sees the band return to their drone-rock ways, and the EP ends with ‘Rainbow Machine’, an instrumental track also from the forthcoming album. 'Rainbow Machine' jams hard and heavy and closes the Black Rainbow EP in the spectacular style that we’ve come to expect from The Black Heart Death Cult.

On the 21st of July, The Black Heart Death Cult are hosting a “fuzz freak-out party” at the Old Bar in Fitzroy to celebrate the release of 'Black Rainbow'. Joining them are kindred spirits Sacred Shrines, who are travelling down from Brisbane to launch their new EP Trail to Find, as well as fellow psychers The Vacant Smiles and Dark Temple. To add an extra level of weirdness, liquid light projections will be running all night courtesy of Electric Light Brigade, so the entire launch party is guaranteed to be as wild and tripped-out as the new single.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of 'Black Rainbow' above, and make sure to get down to the launch party on Friday July 21st at the Old Bar and grab yourself a copy of the EP.