Speed Dating
Saturday 15th July, 2017

Speed dating this week with record cutter Nathan Sawford of Small Run and disco champions Dance Party Pyrotechnics Association.
Nathan Sawford

Nathan Sawford

Where do we know you from?

From the depths of the internet.

What do you do with yourself?

I run a business called Small Run, which specialises in producing small runs of lathe cut vinyl records.

If you had one wish from a genie what would it be? (can’t say more wishes though)

World peace……wait… never ending free tacos¿

Favourite album to make love to?

Definitely The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets. That album is pretty much straight sex. The boys do all the work for you, all you have to do is show up.

What’s something you’ve been really proud of lately?

All the plants in my studio are still alive and kicking.

What makes you nervous?

When I drop my phone and it lands face down…

What’s your perfect Sunday?

Listening to The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets 😉


Dance Party Pyrotechnics Association

Where do we know you from?

We’ve been around. Our unexpected baby Dance Party’s gone from jazz standards in suits in a bar to consistent Night Cat sell outs and Strawberry Fields mega vibes.

What do you do with yourself?

Unrelenting huge disco, house and soul anthems.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t, but then I see Alex Crosara shred, and I do again.

Last movie you cried in (and why was it ice age)?

Actually did cry in Ice Age 1. Don’t really remember it but pretty sure it was to do with the woolly mammoth realising he had no family.

Go-to Subway order?

Garlic and herb with every single salad and ranch.

Favourite Simpsons moment?

‘I want you to have my saxophone.’

What’s your perfect Sunday?

Dance Party comedown at the footy.