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Video Premiere: Hannah Kate -
You're Not Gonna Buy That Shirt
Words and interview by James Lynch
Monday 21st August, 2017

We're super stoked to premiere Hannah Kate's brand new video clip for 'You're Not Gonna Buy That Shirt'. The track is a prime example of what made her debut EP Late Brunch so strong - lo-fi guitars, dreamy vocals and some pretty real lyrics - and the accompanying clip is a quirky journey through Brunswick and beyond.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Hannah Kate has been killing it around town lately. It's almost impossible for a week to go by without seeing her name all over gig guides, show posters or the wall at the Tote. We caught up with Hannah for a quick chat to see what's up and find out about her new clip for 'You're Not Gonna Buy That Shirt'.
TJ: Tell us a little about 'You’re Not Gonna Buy That Shirt' and the new clip.

HK: The song is from our EP Late Brunch, and it's a short, kinda sweet lil track so I was like "fuck it, let's make a clip for it", just for fun really. We went down to Flinders Beach to film it, we trekked for like 40 mins with a drum kit and guitars, we crossed a creek at one point, Dougal nearly died at least 7 times, he wore the wrong shoes, bloody Nike roshes. When we got to the spot it started raining so we had to bail and went to this abandoned garden store/DIY skate spot, which was just so grunge, so, so grunge. So the video is nothing like we planned, but I kinda like that, it's heaps funnier than it would've been.

You’ve been playing around town heeeaps. Any local bands/venues you’ve been loving at the moment?

Anyone who knows me knows that the Tote is just my favourite place ever. There was a week and a half in July when we played there four times. We got to play the Curtin for the first time last month which was super sick, such a nice venue.
Weatherboards are probably one of my favourite Melb bands right now. I also really love Jarrow, Eddy Dillon and Culte. There's honestly so many, so much love for everyone.

You’ve already got a new single coming out next month - what else is planned for the rest of the year?

We're just gonna be recording the next EP over the next coupla months, hopefully it'll be out by the end of the year. A lil tour might be on the cards too but we'll see how organised we are hahah.

Check out the new clip above, and get down to the video launch party on Thursday August 24th at the Tote.