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Premiere: Squid Nebula -
Words and interview by James Lynch
Thursday 14th September, 2017

Over the last few years, Squid Nebula have been filling up dance floors around Melbourne with their groovy amalgamation of soul, jazz and funk, and they finally have something to show for it. We're really excited to premiere their debut single 'Ricochet', and to celebrate we caught up with the band to find out what's been going on.
TJ: Although this is only Squid Nebula’s first release, you’ve been playing around Melbourne for the last few years. What’s the story behind the band?

SN: The band started through jamming on reggae in practice rooms at the VCA as something to do other than the jazz we’d been given to study and it evolved from there. When Amy got on board it started to move closer to the soul/groove based project you're hearing on 'Ricochet'. We'll still jam on reggae in practice rooms from time to time though.

Tell us a bit about the new single.

Ricochet is about negative guilty pleasures and the battle of when it becomes too much. It's about enjoying something that you really shouldn't and the repercussions that may arise.

We also get a little nerdy exploring chord shape and groove that we find particularly tasty. The drums and bass were the basis of the tune, which we wanted to be as groovy and ricocheting as possible. A little guilty pleasure of our own, perhaps.

Considering each member of Squid Nebula has studied music, what’s the process when it comes to making music together?

We don't really have a concrete routine/method for songwriting but typically a member or two will bring in a skeleton of a song and we'll all collaboratively add our own elements and jam it out until it grooves. Everything kind of evolves in it’s own unique way and means you get a little of everyone's personality by the end product.

The artwork for Ricochet is very cool - where’d that come from?

The art is a small cropping from a much bigger, beautiful art work painted by Zaina Al Hizami. We were instantly gravitated by her intricate detailing and her vibrant colours - you should check out her stuff @zainaalhizami.

You’ll be getting the full experience on the front of our EP cover real soon.

What’s coming up next for Squid Nebula?

Our priority at the moment is putting the finishing touches on the EP we’ll be releasing this summer. After that more writing, gigging and jamming on reggae in practice rooms and we’ll see where it goes!

Check out the new single above, and get down to Squid Nebula's single launch show tonight at the Evelyn.