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Sunset Sounds -
Alexander Biggs
Words and interview by Francis Tait
Tuesday 2nd January, 2018

Returning for 2018, Sunset Sounds is a run of three free Sunday afternoon shows throughout January, helping you bring in your 2018 in the best way possible - surrounded by sun, food trucks and great music.
Opening proceedings this year is the dreamy, philosophically grounded folk-pop of Alexander Biggs. Last year saw Alexander Biggs release his debut EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth - six masterfully written and arranged pop gems, laced with beach vibes, reverby electric guitars and doused in plenty of heart. We got in touch with Alexander Biggs to talk about kicking off this year's Sunset Sounds shows, how he’s following his big 2017 and Sundays.

TJ: A free show on a Sunday evening in the Prahran Victoria Gardens sounds pretty bloody good. Looking forward to it? 

AB: Should be good!

For those who don’t know your music, what can people expect from an Alexander Biggs show? 

Sometimes my show is like laying down in a boat in the middle of a quiet lake and sometimes it’s like eating too much spaghetti.

2017 was a massive year for you, debuting a new live band, dropping your debut EP and playing a bunch of shows around Australia. How’ve you found your year?

2017 has had its ups and downs, but mostly it’s been fun playing music with my friends and writing a whole bunch. I’ve been lucky to play some incredible shows, and for that I’m grateful.

It’s been a few months since you dropped Still You Sharpen Your Teeth now. How’s the response to it been? 

I’ve been really flattered with the response from friends and strangers alike. I’m glad the things I wrote a while back can resonate with people.

There are a bunch of other great bands playing these Sunset Sounds shows throughout January. Anyone you’re particularly looking forward to? 

Hot Potato Band will be fun!

How is 2018 looking for Alexander Biggs?

There’ll be a lot of recording, a lot of releasing and a lot of miles travelled, I’d say!

What’s your perfect Sunday?

I like a bit of variation in weather conditions, but mostly I just have to not be doing anything.

Catch Alexander Biggs with Saskwatch on Janurary 7th at the Victoria Gardens in Prahran and check out the other Sunset Sounds shows below, featuring The Bamboos, Jazz Party, The Hot Potato Band and 30/70.