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Gamjee - William H. Vanderbilt's Vampire
Words and interview by James Lynch
Tuesday 8th May, 2018

On Gamjee’s latest single, 'William H. Vanderbilt’s Vampire', the psych rock crew tackle the world’s growing power disparity in the best way they can - with pummelling drums, horror-movie guitars and enough fuzz to burn down the entire system altogether.
It’s safe to say Gamjee caught a lot of people by surprise when they burst onto the scene late last year with their monstrous debut single 'Monday In Bed'. Followed by a burst of impressive shows, including support slots with Japanese psych-rockers Kikagaku Moyo and local fuzz sisters Stonefield, they quickly asserted themselves as an exciting new act to keep an eye on.

Their follow up single 'William H. Vanderbilt’s Vampire', released just over a month ago, comes as a powerful reminder that their early success was no fluke. The track bursts open with an evil riff and a wall of fuzz, before Gamjee throw you for a loop and unexpectedly change course - all fiery guitars and manic group vocals yelped over a frenzied freakbeat. The track barrels on with some ferocious energy, before climaxing with a guitar solo that’s as erratic as it is melodic. As the song hits the finishing line it’s a sprawl of wild noise, and after one more horror-movie riff, Gamjee disappear back into the shadows.

As the band gear up to make their next move, we caught up to chat about the latest single and what’s to come next.
TJ: For the uninitiated, who are Gamjee?

G: Gamjee are actually undercover spies trying to infiltrate Melbourne to collect intel for a Russian music magazine. Low key - first issue out Summer 18’/19’. We’ve disguised as a garage/psych rock outfit.

Want to tell us a bit about your latest single ‘William H. Vanderbilt's Vampire’?

Our latest single is centred around power imbalance and how ridiculous it is that the margin between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ isn’t changing rapidly enough.

‘William H. Vanderbilt's Vampire’ and your first single ‘Monday in Bed’ are both pretty brutal garage-psych, and if I’m right, both are intended to be included on your debut EP Crooked. Is this what we should expect from the rest of the release?

Yeah for sure, there’s six relatively similar tracks on the digital release, and then things get a little twisted with some late inclusions on the physical releases.

Both singles also have some pretty amazing artwork. What’s the story behind those?

The story is essentially that Mikaela Kilfoyle is a damn legend. Our very own Jack Summers has done the EP cover art but all the work of singles are the result of Mikaela’s interpretation of some lyrics and themes. Check her out on instagram @mikaela.kilfoyle!

Since your first show in November last year, you guys have kind of exploded onto the local scene and played a heap of awesome shows. Any highlights?

Straight out the gates supporting Kikagaku Moyo was pretty amazing! Highlight from Miles was getting up the coast and sunning his body after the Stonefield show.

How’s the rest of the year looking for Gamjee?

Taking some time off, writing some new stuff and then people are jetting off here there and everywhere. Right up to that we’ll be releasing/gigging the Crooked EP and hopefully have something else out come the end of the year!

Check out 'William H. Vanderbilt's Vampire' above, and head to Gamjee's Facebook page to find out where you can catch them next.