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Premiere: Gamjee - Goodness
Words and interview by James Lynch
Friday 19th October, 2018

Barely five months after the release of their debut EP Crooked, local psych crew Gamjee are back in a big way with 'Goodness', a blistering cut of frenetic garage-punk, and an exciting hint of where the band might be taking things next.
I usually start these articles with a kind of prelude-type thing, where I’ll mention the band’s background or what they’ve been up to over the last year. And although it is pretty safe to say that Gamjee have had a massive 2018, there’s almost no reason to give any context with the release of ‘Goodness’. Instead, on the new track, the band have almost forgotten their previous EP and turned their sound in on itself, coming out with their most erratic release yet.

Bursting open into a wall of frenzied noise, ‘Goodness’ is manic from the get-go - constantly flipping between searing punk with Jack Summer’s raucous yelp leading the charge and carnivalesque organ-and-guitar weirdness. The track blasts into its chorus, thick with group vocals and angular riffs, before veering off into a wonky break as guitars zigzag and synths bubble. Eventually, Gamjee settle into a steady groove, with a combo of spluttering guitars and the band’s first ever keys solo. Sure enough, we’re in for one more hoodwinking before the track’s finished, and following a false ending there’s a final blast of chaos before ‘Goodness’ is gone for good.

It’s good to have some more Gamjee in our lives, and to celebrate the occasion, we got in touch with vocalist/guitarist Sam Harding to find out what ‘Goodness’ is all about.
TJ: Ay Sammy, it’s been a while and I miss you - what’s new?

G: I miss you too, been going to very strange gigs lately... no Monday Night Mass with Lynchy!

I’ve been in the EU writing a lot, catching the last part of summer and that’s about it really. There’s new music coming from all angles, both Gamjee (and not so Gamjee) related. We managed to sneak in this haphazard recording before I left and now here we are!

’Goodness’ is a pretty bold return for Gamjee, what’s the story?

Everyone’s off travelling and writing and in 200 bands, so we decided to release this song and maybe a couple other treats between this last release and a larger one to come in the future. Didn’t want to rush anything... but in the end this one was written/recorded in the one session... so really sticking true to our word there, hey? It’s an optimistic song and doesn’t have a whole lot deeper meaning than just empowering yourself to witness goodness!

It seems like you’ve flipped the sound from Crooked on its head a bit - is this a taste of the way Gamjee is looking to head?

Yeah it does seem that way, and I think we’ll always seem to be doing that a bit. It’s part us discovering what and who we are, but also heading in a more considered musical direction. This song however, is really about the spontaneous and instantaneous, so we just wanted to get those ideas from the first second and keep them unedited.

How’s the end of the year looking for the crew?

The end of the year looks pretty relaxed as far as gigs are going. We have a show locked in with Los Scallywags quite soon, and also Baked Beans at the Barwon Club on the 9th of Nov. We’re really focusing on putting together a large release, which will mean some more time as a hermit band to reorganise some of the live aspects as well. (I’m 89% sure you’ll be seeing bongos and 100% you’ll see me dear sister Lil on keys/synth).

Oh also, you still rocking your bowl cut?

As a matter of fact, I’m rebowling today if I can find someone to speak the simplest of Spanish with. It’s grown out into a Lord Farquaad, Eurotrash mess. I will be your bowl brother once more my man!

Hear 'Goodness' above, and keep on eye on Gamjee's Facebook page to figure out where you can see them next.