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Pup Tentacle -
David Spade Can Hear Us Through The Walls
Words and interview by Francis Tait
Thursday 8th November, 2018
Six months after its initial release, we have the great honour of announcing the re-release of Pup Tentacle’s wild debut EP David Spade Can Hear Us Through The Walls to cassette through Stargazed Records.
Pup Tentacle’s David Spade Can Hear Us Through The Walls is a wild, unpredictable trip of wonky neo-psychedelia with plenty of wit and bucket loads of personality. Opener ‘I Hope Chris Pratt Hears This Song One Day’ serves as the perfect introduction to the band’s unique charm and daring composing. Potentially the most adventurous moment across the EP, the track has Pup Tentacle weaving their way through woozy groove sections, fuzzed out guitar riffs and blissful piano and vocal breaks, with the sort of urgency and inspiration that’d surely convince Chris Pratt to continue onto track two.

As the EP continues with the 60s tinged 'Tree Sky’, the sci-fi-synth driven ‘Jon Hamm Is On My Mind’, all the way through to the mind-melting erracticness of ‘Pop Out Your Eyes’, Pup Tentacle continue to take risks and throw curve-balls, all the while maintaining a solid hold on their definite sound. David Spade Can Hear Us Through The Walls is a finely crafted brew of pop hooks, infectious personality and psychedelic unpredictability that (now that it’s available in cassette form) you could get lost in as it sits in your car cassette player for weeks at a time.

We got in touch with Jaspar Robinson from Pup Tentacle to talk business, take us inside the freshly burnt tape and what the band have in store for us next.
TJ: Hey Jaspar! First things first, what is Pup Tentacle?

PT: Pup Tentacle is a Sad Businessperson psychedelic rock quintet that writes music for all those that have ever received an annoying email from HR, or had a photocopy come out wrong, or has had to teach Brenda from accounts how to login into her emails for the third time today.

The new cassette is a really engaging listen all the way through. Wanna tell us how it came about? And what influence have David Spade, Chris Pratt and Jon Hamm had on its creation?

First lesson in business is “always be engaging” (not to be confused with the first lesson in busyness which is “always be busy”) so we created the perfect EP for cassette. It flows like a smooth single malt whiskey through the first three songs on Side A and leaves little space at the beginning of Side B, because we know our fellow businesspeople don’t like to wait.

David, Chris, and Jon (we’re on a first name basis) have all been past representatives at Manaheim Industries, Pup Tentacle’s former workplace, and so had a lot of input and constructive criticism in the making of the EP.

You’ve teamed up with Stargazed records for this one too, a new label who focus on bands that combine audio and visual elements in their work. How did this relationship come about?

After Manaheim Industries was found to be somehow run by one small dog in a very cute suit that was doing a great job but getting much too stressed out, Stargazed Records swooped in and took the weight of its very good shoulders.

They had their eye on us and the company for a little while and after we presented a 6-point plan for better smelling offices to the Better Business Bureau they made the decision there and then to take over the company as our new bosses.

What can we expect on the 30th of November when you launch the cassette at the Stargazed label launch?

We will be presenting music purely from our upcoming album, including at least three new unheard songs and maybe one classic tune from the EP. Also we will be holding an exclusive "How to Use Excel" seminar in the beer garden after the night is over, get in as slow as you want because the seminar is very far from selling out.

How would you react if Chris Pratt does hear that song one day?

We would be in bliss and immediately hope that he brings Mouse Rat back together to cover it.

What’s on the horizon for Pup Tentacle?

We are just about to finish writing our next album, based on how we all met each other working for our awful boss Mr Manaheim. We’re hoping to record early 2019 and send it out into the world around April or May so keep your eyes peeled and your hearts open to welcome Pup Tentacle into your lives.

Have a listen to David Spade Can Hear Us Through The Walls above, and purchase a limited edition cassette from - or better yet, grab yourself a copy at the Stargazed Records Label Launch on November 30th at Bar Open.