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Video Premiere:
Comedown Party - Someone Loves You
Words and interview by Francis Tait
Wednesday 20th February, 2019
Following the release of lush debut single ‘Sentimental’, we have the exciting task of premiering the new clip for 'Someone Loves You’, the second serving of dreamy trip-pop from Edvard Hakansson's exciting new project Comedown Party.
Comedown Party, the new project from Osaka frontperson and soundie-around-town Edvard Hakansson, combines real instrumentation with slick production and sampling to create an evocative collage of intimacy and emotion. The new single ‘Someone Loves You’ beautifully highlights where Comedown Party are heading, as they manage to masterfully balance the two seemingly opposing sonic mediums with ease to create a captivating soundscape that drips with nostalgia.

Whether it's the light crackle of vinyl that eases you in at the beginning, the lush synths and woozy samples that washes over the top, or the human element that drives the instrumentation, ‘Someone Loves You’ oozes that warm, comforting feeling that makes you want to listen to a song over and over - which is now accompanied by an equally evocative, hazy film clip, just in time for you to unwind your way through the end of hump day.

We got in touch with Edvard to talk us through the new clip and what the Party has in store for us next.
TJ: Hey Edvard! Tell us a little about the new clip and how it came about.

CP: Last winter I was away from my girlfriend for a while so I had a lot of empty time and a sore heart. I decided to shoot the video on my own, driving out to places really early in the mornings just before the sun came out. It was freezing and gloomy but I think those feelings, what was happening at the time and the lyrics of 'Someone Loves You’ tied in perfectly together.

Can we expect to see a larger release from Comedown Party anytime soon?

There’s still a few singles to come out. Although, I’ve definitely started thinking about and developing a longer form release - hopefully taking things in a new direction.

When can we next experience the party live?

My next show is supporting Clea for the Melbourne leg of her tour on the 16th of March!

What else does 2019 have in store for yourself and Comedown Party?

More music and more visuals. There will be two tracks coming out over the next couple of months - one of which was the first track I ever wrote for Comedown Party called ‘Swollen’. There’ll also be a new live show with a bigger band. That, as well as new material should keep me going for a bit!

Check out the new clip for 'Someone Loves You' above, and follow Comedown Party on Facebook to find out when you can next experience the party for yourself.