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Noughts - Bleach
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 2nd May, 2019
Local noisemakers Noughts are back today with their next blast of madness - ‘Bleach’ is a chaotic burst of visceral post-punk and an exciting first taste of their second EP.
Off the back of an an incredibly productive breakout year, which saw the band release their debut self-titled EP, start their own record label and jump on every lineup humanely possible, sharing stages with the likes of Wax Chattels, Vintage Crop and Hideous Sun Demon, Noughts are back at it as they gear up for their next release.

Following on from the sonic warfare they inflicted on their debut, ‘Bleach’ finds Noughts channelling their ferocity into their most concentrated disarray yet. Opening into a tunnel-visioned sprawl, led by one abrasive guitar chord and locked down by an incessent beat, the track careens and builds before Noughts shift gears and the band blast into an angular groove. Anchored by their signature thundering bass and propulsive drumming, co-vocalists Tom Brierley and Sean Marshall howl back and forth, calling for political accountability with lines like “hold onto your principles” and “this is disgusting”, their impassioned vocals adding another layer of havoc into the mix. It’s a striking return for the band, and following an extended single chord chug that heightens the tension as much as possible, Noughts snap once again and hit us with one more frenzied chorus, successfully tunnelling their fury into the back of your brain.

Have a listen to Bleach above, and catch Noughts performing at Weird Place Fest 2 on May 18th.