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Hugh Fuchsen - Wyoming
Words by James Lynch
Friday 17th May, 2019

Local rock ’n’ roll pal Hugh Fuchsen is back at it again, and today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering his latest single - ‘Wyoming’ is an endearing country tune that finds Hugh leaning into a more classic sound, while holding true to his playful charm and evocative storytelling.
It’s been a few years since Hugh blessed us with his debut album Rise and Shine, but if you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed over the last year he’s been quietly drip-feeding us teasers of what’s coming next. With three proper singles out, plus a growing collection of snappy one-minute tracks popping up on his Instagram account (see below), it’s safe to say he’s gearing up to something - and now with the release of ‘Wyoming’, we’re thrilled to reveal that Hugh Fuchsen album #2 is set to drop next month.

Whereas the last release was a blast of playful indie rock, ‘Wyoming’ finds Hugh trading his signature jangly guitar-work for something a little more classic sounding. Opening into a skiffling lilt with a janky acoustic guitar, he leans into his country influences, his honeyed vocals weaving an ambling melody with a gentle twang. The track rollicks on as Hugh describes his travels through the state of Wyoming in the western United States, each lyric ringing with a wide-eyed earnestness that feels impossible to fake. Slowly, the track expands with some leisurely lead-guitar interplay, gooey harmony vocals and a rolling backbeat, before Hugh veers off and ‘Wyoming’ meanders into the sunset.

Speaking about the track, Hugh explains “My uncle lent me his Ford Explorer to travel across the USA. I packed it out with a single mattress, and a fridge for my cheerios, baked beans and lettuce mix. Once I hit Wyoming, I was feeling quite lost and lonesome. Fortunately, the gracious human nature of strangers and the beauty of nature took me to a state of loving embrace and connectedness. This is where the song came from.”

Have a listen to 'Wyoming' above, and keep on eye out for Hugh's forthcoming second album, due to release on Friday, June 21st.