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Hearts and Rockets - Feelings
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 12th June, 2019
Today we have the absolute pleasure of announcing the release of the forthcoming second album from Melbourne synth-punk brats Hearts and Rockets - Power is out on August 23rd through Psychic Hysteria, and to introduce the album to us they’ve shared ‘Feelings’, a 99 second blast of frantic post-punk and an invigorating taste of what’s to come.
Since emerging on the local scene in late 2016 as Heat Wave (followed by a name change shortly after), Hearts and Rockets have steadily grown into one of Melbourne’s most compelling acts, with their mixture of minimalist post-punk, bratty synth-pop and feminist punk, and a live show that bursts with more energy than you’d often expect from a two-person band. Following on from a packed 2018, which saw them release four new singles, Hearts and Rockets are back today with the propulsive ‘Feelings’, as they gear up to release their second album Power.

Clocking in well under two minutes, ‘Feelings’ is as contagious as it is immediate. Built around a driving drum-machine beat, the track shoots out from beneath us with Kalindy William’s manic yelp at the helm, while a steady bassline holds everything together. Combining the urgency of Kalindy’s vocals as she blurts out a seemingly never-ending list of emotions with the incessant groove clattering underneath, the track masterfully recreates the overwhelmed and anxious state that feelings can induce, without misrepresenting the joyous side of things too. And by the time the track clocks out with a hanging bass note that catches us unaware, we’re just about ready to experience it all again.

Describing the track, Hearts and Rockets explain “it's simple, to the point and all over in 99 seconds. Feelings come all the time, and sometimes all at once. And that's OK. You don't have to block them, and you're allowed to talk about them. And you're allowed to sing about them.”

With Power a few short months away, ‘Feelings’ comes as an exciting taste of what to expect from the new album, which is set to see the band expanding on the sound they created only a few years back, with an added electric guitar and some extra pop sensibilities. Hearts and Rockets share “we've been working on Power since the start of the year, writing and recording in our home studio. We're so excited to release it on vinyl! It's the bluest vinyl you've ever seen.”

Have a listen to ‘Feelings’ above, and head to to pre-order the forthcoming album on limited blue vinyl (you’ll also receive ‘Feelings’ and another new track ‘Hot Tea’ instantly!). Following the release of Power on August 23rd, Hearts and Rockets will be launching the album at the Old Bar on the 13th of September before hitting the road on an east coast tour. If you can’t wait that long, you can catch Hearts and Rockets at the Old Bar on Thursday July 4th, as part of the Roolette Records showcase at CHANGES 2019.